Stop Using Our Name For Mischievous Reports Against People, SMMG Warns Online Platform


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    A founder of an Abuja-based civil rights movement,  Save Michika/Madagi Group (SMMG), Comrade Silas Michika has warned the publisher of the Finder News to stop using the groups name to witchhunt people, especially politicians from their constituency.
    Silas who granted an interview to this medium said it is shocking to have read a story credited to him and the group he co-founded alongside Usman Krichinga for the sole aim of uniting the people of Michika and Magali.
    He said they  were surprised of a viral report over the social media calling on Hon Zakariya Dauda Nyampa, House of Representatives lawmaker representing Michika/Madagali in the National Assembly to forget about contesting election in 2023 credited to them.
    Silas said the group is formed to encourage people like Nyampa who is doing well in giving  quality representation to their people but frowned at the online news platform involving and quoting them berating the lawmaker over 2023 coming elections.
    “I question the credibility of this medium to have concocted a mischievous story credited to our socio-political group building bridges of peace among our political class and propagating unity among our people.
    “I’m sure the publisher of this story framed it out of their figment  of imagination to achieve a particular purpose that will end up destroying them.
    “We want to categorically and as a matter of emphasis, say that the story credited to SMMG using my name is never from us, we are distancing ourselves from this report as Dauda is doing well and being supported by this respected group.
    “We want to however say that this so called medium should apologise and withdraw same report or we will left with no option than to sue them to court for writing a libelous report using our name without a formal interview if they fail to do so,”  Silas said.
    In an effort to get response from the fabricated report by the Finder News, a stakeholder from Michika who is a political analyst and public commentator,  Mutawallin Michika, extolled the good representation of Dauda.
    On the purported story, he said the response is needless knowing the fact that the story is coming from a platform that is known by everyone in Adamawa State having a tag  of creating phoney reports.
    He reiterated that politics and democracy are twin brothers, so   contest and victory are activities ordained and decided by the overall power of God who perfects His will through the electorate voting rights.
    According to him, Honourable Zakariya Dauda Nyampa, as a young man and new entrant into political contest, has made it. 
    “He ventured into politics, contested and won at first time and on first ballot, which is enough to send a message across that leadership is from God and so be it.
    “The authors being maybe Abuja base politicians or agents of others, I advise that they should come down home to Madagali/Michika and issue their statements in the midst of those who voted for Zakaria and let’s see the kind of reception they will get from the constituents of Hon. Zakariya.
    “Hon. Zakariya was sent to Abuja, lower chambers to represent the genuine electorate and good people of Madagali/Michika which he is doing. 
    “I will attest that the young parliamentarian has done his best in both representation and service to his constituency. 
    “He sunk boreholes empowered by solar energy across his constituency, he facilitated and influence employment/recruitment of young educated youth in his constituency,  he empowered youth/women across his constituency, coupled with  numerous provision of social services/welfare to his constituents including those who reside in Abuja.” Mutawalli said.
    Mutawalli also praised Dauda over his motions and contributions at the floor of the House.
    Notably among them are his articulate motions on the fixing of Kudzum Bridge,  Dilchim Bridge, limankara Bridge and the manner security agencies treated the people of his constituency stationed because of Boko Haram attacks when they reclaimed the region.
    He also recalled how Dauda extensively talked on paragraph 63 of the Buhari’s budget speech which he emphasized that the 2021 fiscal year is having chunk of the money geared towards completion of ongoing capital projects across the country, calling on the attention of the federal government to rebuild destroyed structures in  Madagali and Michika following Boko Haram  attacks.
    “I always watch Zakaria appealing to the federal government to consider the people of his constituency who were neglected and communities are abandoned, still having the effect of Boko Haram attacks devastating their livelihood. 
    “He trained 150 youth on various skills acquisition, he empowered over 400 women, youth and less privileged in his constituency on entrepreneurship and gave them start up capital to establish their own businesses.
    “This young man constructed an  ICT Centre in GSS Gulak with a view to prioritizing education in the area. What else do you want from a Lawmaker?
    ” I’m really impressed with him and our people are comfortable with him no wonder he received the Most Outstanding Personality Award of the year 2020 by the Democratic Heroes Award, alongside the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osibanjo and the First Lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari.
    “Certainly Hon. Zakariya is doing well in his representation mandate, it is a well known fact he  cannot meet the needs of all and sundry, what he is providing from time to time,  should be appreciated, it can be anybody tomorrow, we should acknowledge his good works today.
    “On this note, Hon. Zakariya, was invited by his peers, contemporaries the youth/women, his elders, friends and kinsmen to come and contest in 2019 which he answered and till today he didn’t disappoint them, this same people are still on ground to give him an open invitation because is doing well.” Mutawalli said
    Mutawalli continued,  “If Hon Zakariya decides to  contest come 2023,  by the will of God he will again make it by God’s grace.  The issue of shopping for a candidate to replace him, is not the best, because as a first time legislature especially at the national level and being in opposition,  despite what he has achieved, he is on learning  process too. We should also understand and have it at the back of our minds  that experience  and continuity should be a yardstick to vibrant, colourful and dogged representation.
    ” Indeed before he ventured into politics and got elected, Hon. Zakariya has been assisting people of his constituency and beyond during his civil service years.
    “So whoever that will  slug it out with him come 2023, should get ready for the Herculean task. One thing about him, he doesn’t talk much  he doesn’t blow his trumpet, he is not a cosmetics politician or representative, his kind of politics is doing his very best to his constituents. 
    “I advise the authors of the media reports/message to come back home sit with Hon. Zakariya and offer their Godly and sincere advise. Seating far away making unnecessary and unconstrutive criticisms will only smear their personalities.”
    “Let’s run away from being agents of destructive elements.” He stressed.


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