Hon Datti Explains Why It Is Necessary For All Tiers Of Government To Be Involved In Fixing Salaries


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Member House of Representatives representing Sabon Gari Federal  Constituency Kaduna State, Honourable Garba Datti Muhammad has said that the bill which seeks to remove from the Exclusive List the ability of the Federal Government only to legislate  on the salary structure for workers has  passed second reading at the House of Representatives .

    Member House of Representatives representing Sabon Gari Federal  Constituency Kaduna State, Honourable Garba Datti Muhammad briefing journalists at his office in NASS Abuja. Photo: BASHIR BELLO DOLLARS

    The lawmaker said the bill seeks to make sure that all the three tiers of Government, Federal, State and Local Government are involved in fixing salary structure for workers across the federation.

    “For this reason, the bill seeks to make sure that anything that has to do with fixing of salaries goes to the Concurrent List which compels the local government authorities, the states and federal government  to sit together and make sure they are all carried along before salaries of their workers can be determined”, Hon.Datti said.

    According to Datti, reasons for the bill is the disparity in the incomes of all the tiers of government.
    He added that out the total revenue accruing to the three tiers of Government, the Federal Government takes 52% , the state government takes 36%, while local government takes 10% and oil states takes 13%.

    “Financially, the revenues accruing to the Federal Government and the rest of the governments are not the same.
    “The Federal Government gets more money than the states and local government, therefore, the two other tiers of government may not be able to cope if the Federal Government unilaterally fixes salaries for workers across board,”  Honourable Datti added.

    Datti further explained that, “even within the sates, states like Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers and Akwa Ibom receive more allocation than other states, and they can afford to fix a higher salary structure for their workers, but  states like Benue and Zamfara with lower revenues, may not compete with oil producing states in terms of salary adjustment or increment for workers “.

    The law maker went further to add, “If you look at local government areas, once they pay their workers, they won’t have money left in their coffers to renovate a primary school or a culvert.

    “It therefore necessary that all the tiers of government  sit together with labour and parley before salaries are fixed.” 

    Hon. Datti also said that majority of members of the National Assembly  have agreed that all tiers of government should be widely involved in fixing of salaries.
    “Furthermore, the opinions leaders today are favorable towards the bill,” he added.
    He also revealed that in the 2014 National Conference organised by former President Goodluck Jonathan, a similar proposal was made and widely accepted by the members of the CONFAB and when the incumbent President came in, the ruling APC also set a committee headed by Governor Nasiru Ahmad el-Rufai to look at the issue of salary structure.
    “The el-Rufai’s committee also came out with similar recommendations,” he pointed out.


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