Founder Says 4th KADIFF Will Promote Cultural Heritage, Unity In Nigeria

    Founder Kaduna International Film Festival (KADIFF), Kashim I. Audu

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    In spite of the raging COVID-19 pandemic, the 4th Kaduna Internatonal Film Festival (KADIFF) will be used to promote cultural heritage, unity and  harmony in Nigeria.
    This was expressed at a press conference on Wednesday March 17, 2021 ahead  of the 4th KADIFF, billed for August 24 to  28    2021.
    Reading the text of the briefing,  Founder of KADIFF,   Israel Kashim Audu  said that it would create network and market for all films in Nigeria and beyond.

    “Yes! There is a need for us to use film to promote our cultural heritage. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we can be United as one, help one another and show love at all times. 
    “KADIFF will continue to do it best to bring together all film woods in Nigeria and beyond to network, market and be in harmony,” he said.
    Speaking further, he said that the festival with the theme; “MY CULTURAL HERITAGE” will  be held virtually, while a youth summit will be held earlier in May.
    “We shall be holding a physical and virtual festival from the 24th – 28th of August 2021 in the city of Kaduna State, Nigeria. 
    “The COVID-19 pandemic could not allow us hold a physical festival last year which was the 3rd edition but with the coming of the COVID-19 vaccines. 
    “With the support of the Ogun State Government and the Ogun State Ministry of Youth and Sports, KADIFF will be hosting a youth summit in Ogun State from the 13th – 14th of May 2021 to promote unity among youth and our nation and support creativity/skills hereby reducing crime and unemployment in our society,” he added. 
    Speaking further, he said that Nigeria has outstanding and diverse cultural heritage, resources and products of its numerous ethnic groups. 
    “These heritage resources were created from human interaction with the environment. Under this guise, they have become a source of cultural identity and national pride. 
    “They are grouped as tangible and intangible heritages which are today a driver of cultural tourism travel to experience unique traditional beliefs and practices. 
    “This form of travel does not only uncover unique heritage landscape but also allows the tourist to be immersed in intangible heritage processes, traditional rites, festivities, ritual enactment, etc. Such experience could not have been possible without tourism. 
    “The process through which culture can be consumed by tourists and positively exploited by host community. 
    “Hence, the theme for the 4th Kaduna International Film Festival (KADIFF) “MY CULTURAL HERITAGE”. The theme for this year was carefully chosen to promote the rich cultural heritage we have long forgotten through films, film festivals and our day-to-day activities,” he said.The KADIFF founder explained that Kaduna State derives its name from the Hausa word ‘KADA’ meaning crocodile and ‘Kaduna’ is the Hausa plural word for crocodiles many of which abounded in River Kaduna. 

    “The state is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic state of both Christians and Muslims and the main ethnic groups include Fulani, Hausa, Bajju, Atyap, Jaba, Adara, Gbagyi, Kurama, Ninzo, Ham, Koro, Kagoro, Gwong, Numana, Gure, Kaninkon, Moro’a, Kagoma, Kadara etc. 
    “The North has lots of talent yet to be discovered or even promoted because some may see Northern Nigeria as a region that don’t go to school or are uneducated but when we study further, we will notice that lot of people are making the region proud and it’s our duty to change the negative narrative, prove the world otherwise and promote our positive culture through film and entertainment.
    “As a culturally diverse people, Kaduna has a rich cultural heritage evidence in her diverse religious practices, cultural events/ festivals like the popular Kaduna internatonal film festival, 
    “The Eid-El-Fitr and Eid-El- Kabir Festivals, the Tuk Ham, the Durbar festival, the Afan, the Christmas and Easter Celebrations as well as the Kallan-Kowa celebrations, music and dances, cuisines and culinary among others. 
    “The UNESCO Database of National Cultural Heritage Laws is one of the tools to promote, raise awareness and inform the general public and professionals in pursuance of the protection of the cultural heritage,” he pointed out.
    Audu said that film submissions are now open for all film makers in Nigeria and beyond from  17th of March 17 to June 18, 2021 on  
    “For further clarification you can contact the festival director on +2348162626274.”

    He urged the government, corporate bodies and individuals to support and invest in arts, tourism, culture and entertainment which is one sector that brings youth together. 
    “Without funds it will be difficult for the movie/entertainment industry to grow,” he said.
    He therefore,  thanked the Government of Kaduna State through His Excellency, Mal. Nasir el-Rufai, the governor of the state for his tremendous support  in providing the enabling environment, the Kaduna State Ministry of Human Services and Social Development, KADIFF patrons, the media, Gafiligadoki Communications, Casa Caramelo for providing the venue for the press conference, sponsors and those working behind the scenes to make KADIFF a reality. 
    “I say a big thank you and God continual Blessings,” he prayed.

    Notable dignitaries spotted at the press briefing, were the Festival director, Princess Zainab Ahmad, Zack Orji KADIFF project consultant and Dr. Tony Akposheri DGN vice president.


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