OPINION BY AUWAL AHMED IBRAHIM (GORONYO): Kaduna Polytechnic In Past And The Present

    Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo


    Looking into the mirror of Kaduna Polytechnic through the binocular of four years it was a journey of mixed reactions. The journey was about pains and the emergence of happiness. 
    The title of this piece is my focal point of view, to talk about the one rector of Kaduna Polytechnic that opened the account of the institution for the Academic Staff Union of the institution to monitor the amount that trickles in and out. I want to talk about the one rector that resuscitated Kaduna Polytechnic from shrinking and dying institution to a very robust academy that regained its glory and excellence. 
    The time is not far because I could remember the speculations vividly before the rectorship of Professor Idris Bugaje that Kaduna Polytechnic is at the verge of perish from existence, many lecturers at that time were encouraging their colleagues to start looking for jobs elsewhere because the polytechnic is about to cease from existence. 
    At the time, before 2017 Kaduna Polytechnic was facing more than 50 court cases, debt and internal problems from the students and the staff of the institution. Corruption was one of the horrible stigma that characterised the robust system of the mighty institution while the staff houses and the students’ hostels are in shabby condition.
    After his appointment as the Rector of Kaduna Polytechnic in September 2017, Professor Idris Bugaje promised to resolve all the problems haggling the institution and in a twinkle of an eye he set a new dawn for the reputable institution and took the Polytechnic to the next level of prosperity.
    During the plague that choked the institution’s prosperity, almost 85 courses of the institution lost National Board for Technical Education, NBTE accreditation but in two years of the administration of Professor Bugaje the courses reclaimed their glory with little casualty. 
    Students population has increased rapidly from 17,000 to 27,000 as a milestone achievement, as the Polytechnic targets 35,000 in the year 2023 to become the overall higher institution with highest students in the whole of Africa. 
    The establishment of Policy and Transparency Unit (PTU)  which was later upgraded to a Department saved many woes as the Department minimized extravagant expenses and stamped-out corruption. The Policy and Transparency Department (PTD) put hands on deck on corrupt practice activities that affect the smooth system of teaching and administration in the affairs of students and the staff and made the system a viable one with zero tolerance in corruption and sexual harassment. 
    The effort of all staff of the Polytechnic attracted TetFund back to aid after disappearance for a decade because of no return projects, while more donor agencies were attracted to the institution because of crystal transparency and good record of works.
    The PTD wiped away the trauma of ‘sex for grade’ and put the Polytechnic on the level of accountancy and accountability and made merit a price of performance.
    Another very important achievement recorded by the management of Kaduna Polytechnic was tackling the incessant strikes that retrogressively and negatively daunt the image of Kaduna Polytechnic and Kaduna State as the Centre of Knowledge in the whole of the West African nations.
    In two years, Kaduna Polytechnic is not just saved from collapse but is grounded for chain progress and excellence for any rector that succeeded Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje. New departments have been established and the face of the institution is littered with gold.
    The Institution is the first to start Railway Engineering in the whole of Nigeria and the first in the North to key in Gas Engineering course. While, the institution is now affiliated to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria for Engineering degree courses in related fields of studies.
    In this present situation Kaduna Polytechnic is in the brick of happiness and laughter on the prominent changes that happened and are happening because the staff and the students are giving their contributions towards the happy moment we are all enjoying.
    In this time of Coronavirus pandemic that affects the world, Nigeria is not spared from economic meltdown but with prayers and determination, Kaduna Polytechnic is surviving its challenges in fulling the vision and mission of the present administration and the Federal Government of Nigeria. For a record, Kaduna Polytechnic is the first institution that opened in the second wave of Coronavirus by fulfilling all requirements and conditions of the Federal Government and the Kaduna State Government.

    Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim (Goronyo)  writes in front
    Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, Mass Communication Department,


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