Prayer For Peace

    Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo
    I am alone, 
    Powerless like a sin , 
    I am severely in pain, 
    I know I am weak, 
    Every day is full of freak,
    Insecurity is horrific, 
    Peace I need, 
    Bizarre day and night, 
    Kidnapping in every district, 
    Our tears are drying, 
    We have cried an ocean,
    People killing their kinsmen,
    I am asking, 
    When this will be bygone? 
    Who distorts the peace of this land? 
    The poor getting poorest, 
    Riches invite problems, 
    No one is in peace,
    No any hiding hut,
    The land is soak with blood,
    We are doomed in our own hamlet,
    God save this Nigeria, 
    There is war in Syria,
    Same problems in Liberia and Algeria,
    Carcass in every place, 
    Corpses on all streets, 
    Gun shoots disturbing peace, 
    Where was the tranquility? 
    Where is our unity? 
    Patience and humility? 
    The wicked sacrificed their nationalism,
    For shillings and capitalism,
    Insects infesting the Federalism, 
    Everyday has a new story, 
    The bad versus ugly and merry, 
    The innocent in so much worry,
    South to North is bowling, 
    East to the West is wailing,
    The masses are sprawling,
    The echo of the deaths,
    In every corner and centers,
    Children are helpless, 
    A peaceful Nigeria turned to nightmare,
    With ugly face of mire,
    With nothing to do but glare,
    Education is in rot, 
    The termite in the wood,
    Hell in paradising dent,
    Who should be blame for this? 
    The leaders or the bandits?
    The kidnappers or the ransom givers? 
    No one want to have the fault, 
    How can wrong be right? 
    Two wrongs cannot make right,
    Kill them all with their guns,
    The president orders! 
    Invisible they are in the bushes,
    My eyes are raining tears, 
    Flowing stream of  tears, 
    For students of all schools,
    Let the sleeping dog lies, 
    Allow Nigeria to flourish in peace, 
    Divided we fall in this mess,
    Let our unity be guided,
    For better for good, 
    Wa-Zo-Biya is the identity,
    I salute our resolute men, 
    The soldiers of any band,
    Rest in peace for the death men,
    Our prayers for your success, 
    All the hard days will pass,
    The Protagonists will squash the antagonists,
    Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim
    Lecturer: Mass Communication, 
    Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna


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