CNPP Decries Rising Insecurity, Says Escalation Could Consume NIgeria


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Conference of Nigeria  Political Parties (CNPP) has opined that this is the time to have a pragmatic approach in solving the insecurity challenges  bedeviling  Country.
    The National Chairman of   CNPP, Honourable  Adekunle Rufai Omo-Aje stated this in his Easter message, made available to media in Kaduna on April 1, 2021.
    According to him, Nigerians mustreflect on the precarious situation they find themselves as a country, saying, the  nation is bedeviled by insecurity at a scale that can be likened to internal war tilted to the advantage of bandits and Boko Haram zealots,  because of the ineptitude of successive governments that have ruled the nation. 

    “Our farms are desolate while we live in fear in towns and cities. Government  has failed to protect our citizens from the scourge of these outlaws who have held us to ransome  for many years.
    “We need to take a pragmatic approach in solving this hydra headed problem before it consumes our nation,” he warned.
    Omo-Aje added that the Conference of Nigeria  Political Parties (CNPP)  believes that the ruling party is bereft of ideas to help the nation out of its security challenges.
    “A nation where some of its citizens sleep with only one eye closed while majority do not sleep at all is a nation in pains,” he lamented.
    He therefore, said that all  must therefore brace up to change the governing party that continues to promote the hardship through their inepitude. 
    “We as Conference of Nigeria Political Parties .(CNPP)  propose the following as  panacea to our security problemsSincere use of our security apparatus, provision of employment in all strata of the economy, cheap and affordable credit to help the micro side of our ecomomy and social justice and complete eradication of corruption in all facet of our lives,” he suggested.
    The CNPP Chairman  also said there must be provision of uninterrupted power supply to help  small scale businesses as well as rehabilitation of youth who have been misled into drugs and religious bigotry.

    “All the above and many more which have been proposed by patriotic Nigerians  must be implemented to give this nation the rest and progress it deserves. 
    “We need to address the lopsidedness in the operations of electricity companies that took over from PHCN, as there is an uneven distribution of prepaid meters across the nation. This is hurting small scale businesses that pay more due to estimated billing further crippling their operations. 
    “The question  that readily comes to mind is, what do these providers stand to lose by collecting  electricity payment before consumers even use their services?
    “They promised efficiency before the companies were sold to them but what we got is  grade A inefficiency. Government needs to look into this salient area that is dragging down our economy.
    “As we celebrate this holiday, let its significance be our guiding principle  as a nation. Let us live in harmony and shame those who promote religious differences as a mantra to divide our nation.Happy Easter celebration to you all and peace to our nation Nigeria,” he prayed.


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