Nisah Palace CEO Explains Why They Opened Kaduna Branch


    BY KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nisah Palace, Hajiya Ummi Nisah said part of reasons for opening a branch of Nisah Palace ,a vitamin supplements shop in Kaduna is to close up problems of distance and consistent demands from customers in Kaduna .

    In a chat with Journalists shortly the commissioning of the Kaduna branch of Nisah Palace, the CEO of the Company ,Hajiya Ummi Nisah explained , “We received several complaints from customers in Kaduna, following the risks involved in transporting themselves through the Kaduna-Abuja expressway ,which in recent times believed by many to be a den of banditry, Kidnappings and other terrorist groups.

    “I brought the company to Kaduna because of the complaints from my customers that they are tired of paying transport and risking their lives through the dangerous Kaduna-Abuja express way to buy my product.

    “So ,there has been an agitation from customers and prospective buyers to bring a shop closer to them so, I sat down with my board members and deemed it fit to respond to the yearnings of my customers.” She stated .

    Hajiya Ummi, further explained that the products are not just limited to glowing one’s skin, pointed out some of the benefits associated with the product that it has the ability to cure cancer, lump in the breast, diabetes, high blood pressure infertility among others.

    Another set of customers shopping shortly after the program said , “The product is not just all about glowing your skin.

    “If you are a woman with lump in the breast, Cancer, among others, in the process of taking these products, you won’t have them again these are collagen. Naturally, our body produces collagen, but at the age of 21, it starts depreciating from the body that is why we have wrinkles, pimples, face burn and other related health challenges.

    “Using this product will help you handle these challenges: You will look younger than your age, associate problem with the kind of food we eat such as: Diabetes, Cancer, Kidney problem among others will be addressed using the product.” She assured.

    The CEO during the event, gave a 30% discount for all Nisah Palace products to customers ,who were present, including: free dripping to five women and their husbands, especially those looking for fruit of the womb.

    Hajiya however said , pregnancy comes from God, but she will try her best with a treatment for three months free of charge after, which God will intervene in their matter.

    Customers patronizing Nisah Products during the event before now appraised the Nisah products on the ground that it is known for “originality”.

    Speaking with Journalists shortly after the program, a customer, Mr. Malla Bulama, who expressed satisfactions over the product, said he has been using it for over two years now and has recorded a lot of progress health-wise.

    The CEO however, noted that she is not into business to make money, but to touch lives towards ensuring that customers get what they paid for, adding , “we are out Sell Value Not Price.”


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