2015: Who Worked Against Jonathan?

    Ex President Goodluck Jonathan

    By; BALA B. B

    The fact that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan lost the 2015 presidential election is enough to give credence to what Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, former governor of Niger state had said about Jonathan’s renege of whatever agreement was there between the governors of PDP extractions and Jonathan.

    There was indeed an agreement between Jonathan and PDP governors reached at a meeting held in Wadata Plaza, ( PDP’s National Secretariat which he, (Jonathan) later reneged by insisting that he must contest for the office of the president. This is an undeniable fact but that is now history.

    All those who are now denying knowledge of the meetings on the crux for support for Jonathan bid in 2015 are doing so now not just to embellish a rested truth but are doing so to curry some sort of favour and paint Dr. Babangida Aliyu in bad blood for saying the truth. May Allah have mercy on all of us.

    How many states, hitherto controlled by the PDP in the North did not fall to APC in the 2015 general elections?

    The issue of PDP’s fall from power in 2015 remains a lesson over the party’s troubling issues of disrespect for rule of law, impunity in government, lack of intra party democracy, pride and arrogance by some interest blocs and stalwarts within the party which were glaringly manifest leading to the fall of the party in 2015.

    Less we all forget, Jonathan did not help matters for himself ahead of the 2015 general elections.

    His wife, Dame Patience, was equally a spoiler and joy killer. Her penchants to denigrate the people of northern extractions even on the eve of the elections were unbecoming manners lacking courtesies and decency of a First Lady whose husband was going into crucial contest in a short while.

    These by all means, and in no small measures spelt doom for Jonathan’s 2015 presidential ambition.

    If governors in the North rose against Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, it was to express the minds of the vast majority of the people of the region who were disenchanted over so many things.

    Let me quickly add here that if a dog had worn the toga of the APC and stood in the contest with Jonathan in the 2015 presidential election, the dog would have still rubbished Jonathan in that election.

    On the flip side of the coin, if an angel had adorned PDP’s colours and stood for the election, the angel would have been defeated. Such was the height of the onslaught against our party in the build up to the 2015 general elections. It was a massive gang up and all of us in the party appeared lamed, insensitive and hooded.

    The anti Jonathan, nay PDP smear campaigns of hatred and subterfuges by the APC and its supporters were so expressive and for many reasons. The least of which was not even the stance of the PDP governors in North over Jonathan’s second term bid, nor the position espoused by Babangida Aliyu.

    PDP and it’s leaders, including state governors under the flagship of the party unfortunately behaved as if we were unmindful of the task ahead of us and the decisive powers of the electorate.

    The defeat of the party in the polls was predictively obviously imminent in most parts of the country especially in the North and West of the country as several factors fell into place against the party and conversely against many of us.

    We all should not forget history in a hurry. The high handedness of the executive led by Jonathan in the twilights of his tenure manifested in several play outs.

    Recall too that against popular, majority wishes, Jonathan kicked against the decision of the PDP governors to elect their preference as Chairman of Governors Forum by manipulating and instigating a faction which foisted Jonah Jang as Chairman thus created a divide within the governor’s forum.

    Goodluck Jonathan knew he had no moral ground to stand in the election in the first place, hence he capitulated easily as the election results were coming in without even raising an eyebrow over reports of glaring electoral malpractices and the several security reports in high places on the conducts of the elections.

    The position of the PDP governors as espoused by Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu should not be misconstrued to mean he, or the other governors had initiated and sabotaged Jonathan’s bid to retain his seat as president in 2015.

    His, (Jonathan’s) chances to get elected in the 2015 Presidential election were constrained by handful of debilitation, most of which were self inflicted.

    PDP’s fall and loss of power at the centre and in many states remains painful and bitter lesson to all of us till date. However, bickering over the truth of the matter could mean we have not picked our pieces nor learnt from the lesson of politics and history.

    If we all must move forward, we, all of us, must be bold enough to tell ourselves the truth as we walk the rope again to reconstruct the party while guarding against such acts of impunity, infringement and mindless acts that worked against us individually and the collectivity of the party.


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