Lend Helping Hands To Those In Need, Shaban Tasks Muslims


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    A Kaduna based politician, Sani Shaban has called on Muslims in Nigeria, especially from the North to take into consideration the fact that some people in the period of Eid- El- Fitr do not have a cup of water to drink not to take of food .
    He therefore, asked the Muslim Ummah to lend a helping hand to those in need.

    Responding to question of separatist agitations from the Southwest and Southeast regions, Shaban said that there is no need for the North to be afraid of such calls, adding that Northern Nigeria is richly blessed with land, agriculture and other material cum human resources.

    He said, ” All along this country has been living on marriage of convenience, what is the convenience?

    “There is no trust, no love and no respect for one another, the degree of tolerance in this country is fast eroding.

    “Take the size of Europe, take the size of Spain, Britain and see what is their populations?” He asked.

    “They don’t have 30 per cent of what Northern Nigeria has and yet they are doing tremendously well.

    “If there is no more tolerance then let’s go out separate ways,” he added.

    The astute politician cum business tycoon blamed crude oil for the degradation of the economy of the North, adding that oil has turned their youth into lazy lots, drug addicts and never do wells.

    He added that Northern Nigeria should look inwards and harness its economic potentials.

    Speaking on the agitations for state police, the politician disagreed with those calling for that.

    He said that what the governors want is just to control their personal troops .

    “What they are after is to perpetuate themselves in power by asking for state police,” he said.


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