Kaduna Electric Discloses Why Why Parts Of Sokoto Metropolis Is Experiencing Load Shedding

Governor Tambuwal (left) with Rt. Honourable Dogara

By; KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

The Management of Kaduna Electric has noted with great concern and high sense of responsibility, the grievance expressed by cross section of  customers in Sokoto on Thursday, 20th May, 2021.

A statement signed by its Head, Corporate Communication, Abdulazeez Abdullahi, dated May 23, 2021, said that while they recognise the right of every citizen to freedom of expression, they appeal to our customers for patience and more understanding as they strive to ensure better electricity services. 
“As a customers centric organisation, we are always receptive to constructive engagement with our customers.
“To the issue at stake, we are not unaware of power supply situation in Old Airport, Tamaje, Dambuwa, Sabaru, Offa road and adjoining communities, neither are we not doing anything to address the situation,” it added.
The statement further explained that to the contrary, they are well aware of the challenges and  are doing everything humanly possible to arrest the situation.
“The issue, which most probably the residents of the affected communities are not aware of, is multifaceted.
“First and foremost, the Power transformer supply bulk electricity  to most parts the metropolis (Power Station 33KV line) and other rural communities at the Transmission Station is over loaded and stretched beyond its limit. “According to the TCN, the power transformer has the capacity to take only 22 megawatts while the total customers energy requirements at peak is almost 40 megawatts. 
“Consequently, it cannot accommodate all the customers (eight 11KV feeders, other point loads and the rural communities) at the same time, especially at peak period.
“Hence, most often, electricity supply is  being rationed/alternated among the various communities/areas.
“As if this is not enough challenge, the residents of Old airport, Tamaje, Dambuwa, Sabaru, Offa road and all adjoining communities feeding from Army Barracks 11KV feeder (one the 11KV feeders affected by the limitation on the Power Station 33KV line) have a similar but peculiar problem. The power transformer feeding them is equally over loaded and cannot accommodate all the aforementioned communities at the same time. 
“As such, beside the power rationing (load shedding) occasioned by the limitation on the Power Station 33KV line, another local load shedding is being carried out to save the only 7.5MVA power transformer at the old power house injection substation. 
“Indeed, this makes the situation worse and more painful to these communities. We sincerely regret the inconveniences caused our customers in the affected communities.
“In the interim, we are re- aligning our 33KV and 11KV lines for improved service delivery. This entails construction and or extension of both 33 and 11KV lines, de- loading of grossly overloaded feeders and transfering some point loads from overloaded 11KV feeders to under loaded ones.
“This, we strongly believe, shall significantly reduce the intermittent interruption of supply currently being experienced in some parts of the State capital.
“Once again, we sincerely regret the difficulty being faced by our customers, especially the residents of Old airport, Tamaje, Dambuwa, Sabaru, Offa road communities. We assure that we are doing all it take and hope to improve the situation in due course.”


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