CDHR Condemns Alleged Attacks On NLC In Kaduna



    The National Chairman of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Dr. Osagie Obayuwana has condemned the alleged attacks on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) by the Kaduna State Government.

    Dr. Obayuwana spoke with newsmen in Warri, Delta State shortly after swearing in new members that will pilot the affairs of the CDHR in the state.

    Dr. Obayuwana who was represented by the CDHR’s National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Henry Ekine Esq said, “the alleged attacks on the NLC while reacting to the sack of workers by   the Kaduna State Government is unacceptable.

    He said, “for any government or any officer or any individual and any organ of government to surpress and tend to oppress or rather deny the rights of those organization or individual from expressing their displeasure in any form, that’s acceptable and legitimate within the laws, it is not acceptable.”

    Dr. Obayuwana also stated that, “the NLC officials have the legitimate rights to register their displeasures before the government.

    “Any untowards  action by the State Government declaring leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and off course attacking more especially whether by themselves or by their proxies or persons who are protecting the interest of government or compromising with government or sharing solidarity with the positions of government but attacking the labour and other free citizens, we condemn it.

    “The positions of the CDHR is that it is a violation of the rights of the members of NLC. Off course ,the officers and individuals themselves . We(CDHR) join in solidarity with NLC  and condemn that attack on citizens of Nigeria in the guise of NLC.”

    Dr. Obayuwana also condemned the spare of insecurity in the Country saying that, “It is a violation of the rights of citizens as well as failures on the responsibilities of government.

    “Section 14 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999  emphasizes on the responsibilities of government at all levels stressing that prime of which is, security and welfare.

    “Those who are saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring that the lives of citizens secured do not have any excuses whatsoever not ensure maximum security anywhere and everywhere .

    “The disturbing spate of killings,the disturbing spate of banditry,the disturbing spate of kidnapping, the disturbing spate of cultism, all kinds of insecurity is worrisome in Nigerian State  and it is a threat to the rights of citizens of the Country.

    “Only those in government have the responsibilities of ensuring maximum security in the Country.

    “If they cannot provide adequate security for the people,they should excuse themselves  or otherwise rise up to the occasion to ensure relative security  and improved welfare of the citizens .

    The Delta State CDHR Secretary, Comrade Israel Joe corroborated the positions of the National Chairman, he said, “We don’t want to believe this school of thought that the insecurity in the nation is beyond us. What we need is quality leadership.

    Comrade Joe urged the leaders of this country, “to declare a state of emergency on the insecurity in the Country stating that if they cannot protect the citizens,they should resign from office”.


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