Constitution Review: Coalition Of Women Leaders Demands Special Seats For Women In Legislative Houses


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Coalition of Women Leaders in Kaduna State has demanded for special seats for women in the federal and state legislative houses in the proposed amendment of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Jemilat Abidoye made the demand on Wednesday, while presenting the position paper of the Coalition of Women Leaders in Kaduna State in collaboration with UN Women media round table on the Kaduna State, ahead of the Constitutional Review Public Hearing.

    “Create additional special seats for women in the federal and state legislative houses.
    “In the Senate, one seat for a woman from the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory in the House of Representatives two seats for women from the 36 States and the federal capital in the State Houses of Assembly, one  each from the three senatorial districts,” the coalition demanded.
     Abidoye said that the vision of the institute in Nigeria is that  women representation in government should be at least 35%   appointed  at the federal and state levels 

    “Include gender as a benchmark for federal character the constitution has already created the federal character as an affirmative action mechanism that ensures that representation of marginalised groups in the country 
    “In addition to these constitutional provisions, the national gender policy was also intended to increase the number of women in political office, party organs and public life by setting a goal of 35% affirmative action to support women to all elected and appointed positions by 2015, but our reality in 2021 is that women’s political participation is still below 10% that’s very low,” she added.
    The coalition said that it is no longer news that women in Nigeria are yet to benefit from these provisions. 
    “We will align ourselves closely with the women’s political participation working group and the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs as well as all the relevant government ministries, departments and agencies as well as civil society organisations and even the private sector that have also contributed and are contributing to the constitutional amendment by engaging the government to see the women’s participation in governance and the political space is addressed, thereby giving room for addressing gender-based violence and other women and girls related issues thank you for listening and I hope that this message get the coverage it deserves longleaf Kaduna State,” she added.
    Speaking earlier on the theme, “Advocating For An Inclusive Constitution” a member of the steering committee of the coalition, Emilia Chatta member of steering committee in the opening remarks, said that the coalition is implementing a three-point agenda to increase visibility of women Leaders in Kaduna State.
    She said that the establishment of the coalition was made possible with the support of the UN women.
    They called on the Constitutional Review increase  Women leadership by amending the 1999 Constitution.
    They are also demanding adoption of gender-inclusive language in the 1999 Constitution
    They appealed for unbiased representation of groups in the amendment process and to see changes reflected in Nigeria’s Constitution.


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