ABG Committee Says Kaduna PDP’s Mandate Was Forcefully Collected In 2019


    *says party rebranded

    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The Chairman Repositioning Committee of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Kaduna State, Honourable Shehu Bawa ABG on submitting its reports to the party officials, lamented that the party’s mandate was forcefully collected in 2019.

    Presenting the report to the party state executive on Friday, the chairman of the Repositioning Committee, ABG said they’ve rebranded the party for 2023.

    The former member of House of Representatives, said they were given the mandate with the aim to repositioning the party towards 2023, and to see where they’ve challenges and how to improve on some of the issues the party used to have.

    “We’re not aware of any betrayal. What we know is that in elections, you either win or lose or they forcefully collect your mandate, which happened.

    “What we discovered from the last election was that the results we got from poling units were different from the results that were announced at collation centres, as in massive rigging.

    “These and so many other issues that have to do with internal party issues, were treated, that we cannot voice all of them out now because that would be like giving out to the oppositions, what our plans are.

    “But certainly, we’ve been able to reach out to all the local government and wards and most major stakeholders, and hopefully, have come out with rebranded PDP in Kaduna State for 2023, just like the national is also doing,” he said.

    Receiving the reports, the State PDP Chairman, Mr Philip Hassan Hyet thanked the chairman and committee members for the success of the report.

    He said Kaduna’s position in the scheme of politics in Nigeria is key and so strategic that any success in improving the fortunes of the PDP in the state would go a long way in strengthening democratic process in Nigeria in general.

    On the bye election scheduled to hold in Zaria area of Kaduna on Saturday, the chairman expressed hopes that INEC would live by its name and promise and ensure that it’s fair to all the political parties.

    According to him, PDP is doing everything humanly possible to take over power in 2023 and revert the trend of insecurity bedeviling the nation, adding that the continuous heightened insecurity in the country further confirms that the current leadership has failed woefully and nothing to offer the people anymore.


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