An Open Letter To His Excellency The Governor Of Gombe State, Alh Muhammad Inuwa Yahaya


    Your Excellency sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health and sound mind.
    I want to congratulate you on your recently recorded achievements in terms of infrastructure, especially in Jeka da fari where your concentration seem to be, for now and of course the famous 6.7 billion Naira street lights is worth celebrating.
    I wouldn’t have bothered you with another letter now, but something that needs your immediate and urgent intervention occured yesterday (18th June, 2021) in Billiri. The good people of Billiri Local government and the Tangale chiefdom are still recovering from the traumatic experience of the infamous FEBRUARY SAGA, and some are still lamenting the deaths, destruction and arrests of their loved ones from the fallout of the power tussle that ended on a bad note.

    I want to quickly bring it to your notice that some unscrupulous elements are moving about in Billiri town, intimidating and harassing people against the principle of right to human dignity and freedom of choice.

    It was on record that yesterday, some individuals were taking a ride on their horses around Kalkulum area of Billiri town, in company of one Mallam Danladi Maishanu, suddenly they attacked a group of young men that were seated peacefully, on the account of not standing to greet them. The guys in question were injured and arrestedd by the police at the same time. Can you beat that!

    We want to know if the presence of Mallam Danladi Maishanu is to disturb the peace and tranquility that has been enjoyed for long in Billiri. Someone who is still battling with the question of legitimacy, shamelessly went to the extent of ordering his envoy to beat people. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE BY THE TANGALE PEOPLE.

    We therefore call for the immediate arrest of the perpetrators of this dastardly act in accordance with the precedence already laid by your Excellency the governor of Gombe State.

    We are also hereby asking that Mallam Danladi be quizzed and questioned about his involvement in the February mayhem. We are beginning to see the Manifestation of his bad faith and violent disposition and therefore left with no option than to think that he played a prominent role in the “behind the scene” actions that led to destruction of lives and properties back in February, just to satisfy his desperation for power.

    Thanks for your usual understanding sir. Accept the assurance of my highest regards.

    Benjamin Dangoma Tanglang
    Dan Mai fadan Tanglang
    Twitter: @damgoma10son


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