Maternal/Child Mortality: Health Ministry Tasks Journalists On Creating Awareness On MPDSR


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Deputy Director, Safemotherhood and MPDSR in the Federal Ministry of Health, Samuel Oyeniyi has tasked the media to create awareness on Maternal Perinatal  Death Surveillance Response (MPDSR), in view of its numerous benefits.
    He made the appeal, while presenting a paper titled, “The MPDSR – Domestication and Institutionalization Plans and How They Impact Maternal and Child Health in NIgeria on Day Two of the  Online Media Training Programme For Health Reporters and Features Writers on Saturday July 3, 2021.
    The Deputy Director challenged the media to use the ongoing constitutional review to advocate the passage of the MPDSR Bill, to ensure that all maternal deaths are recorded and reviewed so that the cause is determined, to prevent a reocurrence.
    “Not that when a woman dies, she is just buried and no one knows the cause, to prevent another woman from dying from same cause,” he said.
    He said the MPDSR programme is bringing a lot on board
    “When you look at Indices, we can see the trend, they are Improving but very slow.
    “With the combination of our efforts, we will be able to get there.Causes of mateenal and neo natal death is still worrisome to us.
    “We’ve been able to tackle haemorrhage better, but some women come late with eclampsia,” which is difficult to manage at that point,” he said.
    He explained that in implementing MPDSR, they have been able to.go across all the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), with the support of Rotary International.
    “MPDSR can be used to prevent material and perinatal death.
    “Even reports are generated from the system. Very rare you will see a system that generates reports,” he added.
    Earlier in his presentation titled, “The Benefits of Digital Electronic Data Management System For MPDSR in NIgeria” Dr. Nicholas Lack said that the MPDSR gives objective information and digitises health system.
    He said it is more of an e platform that journalists can take advantage of.
    “The platform is comprehensive. Gives access to family planning services,” he added.


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