States With Lower Fertility Rates Have Higher GDP In NIgeria – Professor Shittu



    States that have  lower fertility rates have a higher GDP in NIgeria.
    Provost, Federal University of Health Sciences Otukpo, Professor Oladapo Shittu said this while presenting a paper titled, “Demographic Dividend: Population, Health and Economic Development – The Relationship Among Contraceptive Elements and Certain Demographic Outcomes on Day Two of the  Online Media Training Programme For Health Reporters and Features Writers on Saturday July 3, 2021.

    Backing his statement with available statistics, he explained that population demography directly affects prosperity of states as sub national and countries. 

    According to.him, unrestrained child bearing leads to poverty.
     He explained that reduced child bearing from use of modern contraceptive leads to poverty reduction.
    In her presentation, titled, “The Challenges of Building Provider Capacity to Ensure Women’s Access To Quality Family Planning Services Under COVID-19 Pandemic”  Professor Hadiza Galadanchi said that child spacing prevents high risk pregnancies that lead to death of mothers or babies.
    She said such pregnancies come when a woman is too young to bear a child.
    She also said when a woman has too many children, it leads to ruptured uterus.
    “The uterus is like a balloon, when it is over blown, it bursts,” she warned.
    She explained that poverty and illiteracy major are two major challenges or barrier to family planning.
    “One of the huge challenge to child spacing is human resource. We have huge Challenge not just in Nigeria, but Africa,” she said.
    She suggested that the human resource challenge can only be solved through education.


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