Coronation: Sardaunan Badarawa Congratulates Emir Of Kano, Prays For Peace, Progress Of Kingdom


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Former Interim Chairman of Kaduna North, Usman Ibrahim widely called Sardaunan Badarawa has joined prominent Nigerians in congratulating Aminu Ado Bayero on his coronation as the 15th emir of the ancient city of Kano, expressing confidence in the ability of the new emir to provide exemplary leadership to all within the Emirate.

    In a good will message to the Emirate, Hon. Ibrahim declared that the historic city would prosper, progress and experience sustained peace and harmony under the leadership of the new emir whom he described as a compassionate leader who took welfare and well-being of his subjects seriously.

    Sardaunan Badarawa who also holds the traditional title of Santurakin Hausa lauded the choice of Aminu Ado Bayero, pointing out that the new heir to the Kano throne had inherited his late father’s high sense of diplomacy in handling sensitive issues, urging the people to compliment the emire’s qualitative leadership by being obedient to law and order of the land.

    He recalled that Alhaji Aminu Bayero took calmly the decision of former Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso to appoint the deposed emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as a successor to late Ado Bayero, trusting in God as the ultimate decider of leadership positions occupied by mortals, adding that the new emir’s patience and perseverance had paid off as he received staff of office as emir of Kano.

    “Our prayer; he shall surpass his late father’s reign in good health, peace and commitment in service to people and development of the entire kingdom and beyond.

    “The new emir has a glowing antecedent enriched through the bloodline of the Fulani dynasty which has emboldened his high sense of commitment to put the people first.

    “I must tell you Kano people should count themselves lucky to have such a leader with listening ears, ever willing to come to the aid of his subjects in their times of need.

    “He has demonstrated this since his ascension to the throne as individuals in their multitudes have been giving good testimonies about their experience and encounters with the emir, especially the downtrodden.

    “We call on the ruling family of Kano Emirate to give their undiluted allegiance to him and support him to actualize his vision and mission for the kingdom. “Hon. Ibrahim admonished.


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