Sen Abbo Chides Gov Fintiri For Allegedly Claiming Fed Govt Projects


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    The fisticuffs between the Governor of Adamawa State, Rt. Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, and his political brother, Senator Ishaku Abbo representing the Northern Senatorial District of the state where the duo political cuthroats hail from seems to be unbroken.
    This is as a result of the federal government work on the Kudzum Bridge, Michika Local Government Area of the state of which Senator Abbo is alleging the Governor is claiming to be the sole financier of rebuilding the bridge destroyed by insurgents in 2014.
    The Kudzum Bridge is linking and is a leeway bridge to communities of Adamawa from the Northern Zone and borders Borno State from the Southern zone.
     Abbo said the reconstruction is purely the work of President Muhammadu Buhari following a motion he raised for the rebuilding of the bridge.
    Abbo on a telephone conversation with our reporter, gave the historic background of how the bridge was awarded to RHAS Construction Company Limited, when Binta Masi Garba was representing the area as the Senator.
    According to Abbo, Governor Ahmadu has been in one way or the other, sabotaging and frustrating the completion of the road and bridge projects for his primordial and selfish political sentiments.
    Senator Abbo berated Governor Ahmadu to have made several efforts to even thwart the roads projects from Maraban Mubi to Bama, the Kudzum and Delchimi bridges, alleging that they are not completed on time because of his schemes  to take the glory and to score himself high.
    “This is a man that has since August 2019,  been doing everything possible to frustrate the completion of the work. I once sat with him in his office,  all I discovered regarding the project is to frustrate the ongoing project by everything possible within his power and take the glory from the legislators who pushed harder to see that the bridge is rebuilt,” Abbo said
    He went down memory lane to say that he visited the bridge in 2019 and 2020 and moved a motion for the completion of the work, visited the minister of works (state) alongside Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani, Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe and they insisted that the work should be done.
    But according to him, the company along the line didn’t meet up with the expected standards to carry on with the work, one of the reasons the ministry of works could not make budget provisions for the next fiscal year.
    “When we discovered the weaknesses of the company, I moved for the revocation of the project, along the line I know that it will take time to work on the bridge, I approached NEDC to take over the bridge to be constructed. Now that I have asserted my authority and the bridge is almost completed, he is busy inspecting the bridge to take the glory over the federal government project.” Abbo further stated.
    Abbo continued  that it is worrisome for Governor Ahmadu  to give his social media assailants a go-ahead to rampage the social media by propagating that he owned the ongoing and the completed projects that were awarded by the federal government.
    “Governor Fintiri has criminally claimed what does not belong to him, instead of him to say thank you to President Muhammadu Buhari, for doing the work, but paid his “data boys” to storm the social media in trying to claim the ownership of the work that he knows nothing about.
    “Fintiri is fond of going about to inspect federal government projects. He has no business in inspecting the federal government projects. This is purely our work and he has no business with it.
    “Can you imagine that Governor Fintiri went to Madagali to go and inspect the work of petroleum equalization trust fund after I requested for an intervention project? Now they are building a Hospital in Madagali, Fintiri has been going there to inspect the work.
    “The work of MCRP from Samiya Mubi to Bazza, about twenty-five kilometers is federal government work, it’s a not a state government project also but the governor goes about claiming our work.
    “May I reiterate that while Fintiri is building political fly under a bridge in front of Jimeta Modern Market where there is no much economic value, I’m building bridges for my people. The work that is economically viable, linking our communities who are farmers and business people.
    “I tell you, the government of Fintiri is doing nothing more than propaganda and siphoning public funds,” he alleged.
    The Senator who also took to his Facebook official page made categorical statements how Governor Ahmadu is claiming projects done by the federal government through efforts made by him and said:
    “We are quietly committed to developmental projects that will stimulate the economic growth of our people. Recently work was completed on Mubi – Vimtim – Bazza road spanning 33.5 Km constructed by the Federal Government through MCRP. The road was last constructed in 1981 and remained in a Dilapidated and wasted state for forty ( 40) years. Today we have changed the narrative. The road is smooth as silk. All thanks to President Buhari who listened to us.

    “The Senate Committee on Special Duties will soon be in Mubi to oversight the road and ascertain its quality. 
    “Again in 2014 bridges linking Southern Borno and Adamawa particularly bridges in Madagali and Michika was destroyed. I promised to get them fixed during my tenure. In August 2019 I paid a visit to the site and twice interacted with the Honourable Minister of Works. I also moved a motion in the Senate to revoke the contract and award it to the Army Corps of Engineers. As pressure mount and the Ministry of works could not provide budgetary provisions because RHAS the company didn’t submit any Job compilation certificates. We approached NEDC to fund only the bridges and leave the funding of the roads to the ministry.
    “Today works on the bridges are on final stages. This Job is 100% Federal Government owned and funded. 
    “While we appreciate Gov. Fintiri for building the bridge in front of Jimeta Modern Market called FLY UNDER, I equally appreciate President Mohammadu Buhari for building the bridges linking the Governor’s village. Fly under for you and bridges that are badly needed for me. 
    “We do developmental projects, not political projects. 
    “Soon the Senate Committee on Special duties which I am a member will visit those projects on oversights.”


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