Ex-militant Groups Resist Exclusion In Amnesty Communications Committee



A group under the ages of ex-militants in Niger Delta has condemned the exclusion of its members from the appointment into the inaugurated Committee on Strategic Communications of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).
The ex-militant groups which comprises of the Urhobo’s/lsoko said that the interim administrator of the PAP, Col. Milland Dixon Dikio (rtd.) is “sidelining” the ex-militants group, then urged him to appoint one of their own into the 10-Man committee.
The ex-militants groups said this In a statement signed by the group chairman and vice chairman, General Figbele Joseph and General Adu Solo that, “this is an injustice. Excluding us from the 10-member committee is seen as injustice and we are going to resist this Injustice.
“Having one of our own in the committee will ensure fairness.
“there is no gain saying that the Urhobo-Isoko ex-agitators are completely sidelined in the novel committee, we will take every necessary move to make sure that this injustice is resisted. 
“Col. Dikio, shouldn’t forget we are his subjects, captured in the Presidential Amnesty Programme that are entitled to every entitlement of the programme. Sidelining us is not a good option. 
“Taking our humility and peaceful conduct for granted will not help sustain the existing peace in the region. Therefore, we are calling on relevant authorities to help us call on Col. Dikio to quickly appoint an Urhobo/Isoko ex-agitator into the novel committee for us to also have a sense of belonging. 
“Over the years we have been deprived and treated like a beggars in the PAP having embraced peace and subsequently captured into the programme. But we have resolved never to accept any form of injustice from anybody for any reason whatsoever.
“Consequently, while we are appealing to him to act fairly as a father and coordinator of the programme, he should do the needful by appointing an Urhobo/Isoko ex-agitator into the Strategic Communication Committee for fairness and injustice”.


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