Experienced Banker Promises Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency Goodies If Voted In 2023


*says he’s under performing 

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

A bracing and a brainy banker whose experience spans over a decade, Bitrus Tera Musa, who is widely known as Godswonder has vowed to unseat the current  member representing the people of Michika/Madagali Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Honourable Zakaria Dauda Nyampa.
Bitrus told newsmen that his dream of contesting the seat is to replace the under performance of Dauda who was voted into office by the overwhelming support of the electorate.
According to him, Zakaria was no doubt the electorates choice, he was elected to speak up for them, he was elected to champion the collective cause of his people and was elected to give them a voice by bringing to the fore burning issues affecting his constituency, but unfortunately, he got in there and is under performing from his core duties of an expected lawmaker with his voice unheard of over germane issues plaguing the constituency.
“By God’s special grace, I am an influential voice in my constituency. I have worked so hard to maintain my integrity and earned the trust of my people. I travel at least once every month from my Abuja base to interact with my people on the way forward. I know my people, they know me and I connect with them at every level.” Musa said.
He said by the will and special grace of God, he will be contesting for the office of the House of Representatives for Madagali/Michika Federal Constituency on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) to make a huge difference after garnering much experience in the banking sector with pockets of training on entrepreneurship, good governance and wealth creation.
He recalled that in the build up to the 2019 National Assembly elections, the current Federal lawmaker enjoyed the overwhelming support of his people, a rare opportunity he lightly values and promised a people -mandate representation.
With much of his interest in youth development and empowerment, with passion for farming, he revealed that, “I will consolidate on what I already started as personal support to the less previleged and down-trodden from my place in Michika. I hope to take advantage of every financial opportunity that the office will provide to extend same gesture to other parts of my constituency. 
” To push for a bill to establish a military barrack and Mobile Police base in my constituency – Michika and Madagali respectively. This will, among other things, boost confidence of farmers in these areas and for businesses to thrive.
” This is because since 2014 till date, my constituents, who are mainly farmers by profession, have been under serial attacks by the BH insurgents, thus making it difficult for them to go to their farms in peace. 
“I will explore and fully utilize every lobbying opportunity for available federal government empowerment schemes that are aimed at poverty alleviation in my location. I will not be a bench warmer, to esure that every dividend of democracy is followed through to a logical conclusion for the benefit of my constituency.
“To create employment for the teeming youth  of my constituency will be crucial to my interventions. Jobs both in the formal and informal sectors will be vigorously pursued for our youth by the grace of God. 
” Youth empowerment is pivotal to my agenda. A remodelling of the apprenticeship scheme practised in the South East Nigeria is in the offing. Anambra and Enugu states are my second and third homes.
“Our women will also form a critical mass as I  aim to pursue massive empowerment programmes for them. Coming from a geopolitical region of the country where women education is defiantly downplayed by the activities of the insurgents, I will be committed to ensuring that as our business women are empowered, the girl-child education is also given adequate attention.
” I am not a miracle worker and I am not promising to be one; I am not a magician and I do not intend to be one; but I am making myself available to God and to our people to assuage the plights of my constituents by the grace of God, I make myself available for God to do His wonders through me.”


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