Kaduna Team Leader Assures PERL Will Consilidate On Engagements With Media Practitioners


*2-day training ends in Zaria

By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

Team Leader Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) Kaduna, Abel Adejor has assured that his organisation will  continue to consolidate on engagement with the media.

Abel Adejor

He gave the assurance when declaring closed a 2-day Media Strategic Session On Deepening Conversation Barriers To Girl Education  in Zaria on Thursday.
He explained that taking the workshop outside Kaduna was important to take the media practitioners out of their work area so that they can concentrate.
Adejor advised the media practitioners to be specialised in particular fields, so they can build capacity in such areas.
He explained that  the PERL EC Governance Cycle,  starts from “Voice” to inform “Policy”, then connects “Budget” before “Service Delivery”.
He stressed that in an ideal case, their advocacy  is targeted at ensuring that people in the community are getting quality services.
The PERL Kaduna Team Leader charged media practitioners to make deliberate efforts at influencing stakeholders and policy makers in their reportage to enhance service delivery.
“If we  say we are bringing all the media in Kaduna to this engagement, it won’t be possible because we won’t have the budget to do so, but with the voices of those here, the message can reach others,” he charged.
Speaking further, he said that PERL is delighted when their engagements yield results.
“If anything succeeds here, we are happy. On your own as media, how can you Influence stakeholders around girl-child education?” He queried.
Adejor pointed out that PERL is a governance programme. 
“We are happy once others come to the space and they ask, we recommend anyone from here.
“PERL works with media, citizens and State House of Assembly. If there are areas, you as media are having barriers, talk to us,” he advised.
The two-day engagement started on Monday with arrival of almost 40 media practitioners.
In the course of activities, various presentations were made and tasks were allocated to participants, drawn into four groups.


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