PDP Zoning: Group Rejects Bribery Allegation Against Ugwuanyi Committee



A leading socio-political organization in Enugu State has denied the bribery allegations leveled against Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi-led PDP Zoning Committee by a fictional group known as PDP National Leaders Forum, saying the accusations are false, unfounded and ridiculous.
The organization described the sponsored publication as the handiwork of political desperados and urge Nigerians to ignore it.
In a statement released to newsmen in Enugu on Wednesday by the National Coordinator of Enugu Youth Coalition, Dr. Edwin Obune, the group frowned at the publication saying, “it is natural for politicians to be angry over the outcome of certain political realities but taking it to the level of sponsoring unfounded allegations against personalities just to smear their names, reputations and discredit their work is unacceptable.”
The group noted that politicians can disagree with the outcome of the Ugwuanyi-led Zoning Committee but not to the extent of accusing it of collecting bribe or serving certain political interest.
“There are certain allegations that are ridiculously annoying; “Accepted bribe from who? How? Serving whose political interest? Do they know the Identity and integrity of the man they are talking about at all? Maybe they have forgotten that he is still a sitting governor of a state.
“Ordinarily, we would have ignored the allegations because discernable minds already know the angle it is coming from but because we believe that Nigerians deserve the right to know the truth, we decided to set the records straight.
“1. The National Zoning Committee of the PDP was given the mandate to zone national offices to be contested by all PDP Members at the National Convention of the Party scheduled for October 30/31 2021 by the National Executive Committee of the Party.
2. That the mandate of the Committee does not include Zoning of the offices of the President, Vice President and other Executive and Legislative offices of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And the decision of the Committee to zone the Party offices does not in any way affect the executive and legislative offices in Nigeria.
2. That zoning of offices in PDP has traditionally been between the North and South Pole of Nigeria.
3.That the decision of the PDP Zoning Committee is in line with the Constitution of the Party on Zoning and Rotation of Party and national offices in the interest of justice, equity and fairness.
“Consequently, the current offices being held by officers in the Southern Zones of the country, namely, South West, South East and South South zones , should swap places with the offices currently in the northern zones of Nigeria, namely, North West, North East and North Central zones.”
“Is there anything that is too difficult to understand about the factors that influenced the decision of the Ugwuanyi-led Committee?
“We make bold to inform the sponsors of the unfounded allegations that this is not the first national responsibility the PDP is assigning to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.
“As Chairman of the Ondo State PDP Gubernatorial Primary Electoral Committee last year, Governor Ugwuanyi did an excellent job to the admiration of all and sundry and the result of the primary was acceptable to all aspirants without any form of protest or contestation.
“Therefore, we have no apology for those who are afraid of the raising profile of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi because the Holy Bible made us to understand that a man diligent in his work shall stand before Kings.
“On this note, we congratulate our governor for another excellent national outing.”


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