Rejoinder: Straw Clutching And Mud Slinging, A Misquided Strategem For Political Resurrection



    The existential challenge of Democracy is it’s ability to foreclose on one of its fundamental Pillars- ie Free Speech-
    which sadly, sometimes include witless viewpoints by people who demonize or engage in concocted commentary which seeks to misdirect , diminish and eminently stunt its readers.

    This kinds of commentary should never be appreciated.

    Due diligence and prudent background digging reveal Bomba Dauda as a die hard apologist of Marshall Khatung, a contender for the PDP ticket for Kaduna South Senatorial seat.

    The Aspirant in question during preparations for The 2019 General Elections after clinching the Primaries ticket of the House of Representatives For Zango/Jaba Federal Constituency, abandoned ship { a sure ticket in the lingua of our betting friends}
    for an expedition that turned out to be the worst political blunder, ever.

    Now in his desperate attempt to crawl out of the political laterine of his own making, evidently has conscripted a pen man to carry out the dishonorable assignment of attempting to pull down the Distinguished Senator Danjuma Laah for carrying out Statutorily backed State assignment,

    In the wake of President Muhammadu Buhari’s working visit to Kaduna State and subsequent State Banquet held in Mr President Honor at the Yar’adua centre.

    Events if I may add, The Distinguished Senator was extended official invitation to.

    This Aspirant and co- travellers have decided, albeit, unwittingly to make a putrid banquet of their own.

    In what seems to be through the usual subliminal Barbarity and lack of foresight,
    having deigned to put the Distinguished Senator in straits with the fallacious objective of embarrassing him politically.

    Buoyed by the delusion that their write up will land the whale, have stooped to mud throwing, with the hope, it sticks.

    I make bold to remind you that in politics – hope-
    is no strategy.

    The attempts to Condescendingly trounce the Distinguished Senator for attending a State organized event – to my mind is another play at adolescent political sagacity.

    A craft this character is increasingly becoming it’s poster boy and drum major.

    For those who seek to recruit using the infantile method of political propaganda via cheap blackmail.
    Be guided that people are not really that dumb.

    I need not remind you, that The Distinguished Senator is The Chairman Committee on Federal Character & Intergovernmental Affairs, which includes in his official Purview, Oversight functions over The State House.

    Senator Laah Committee’s oversight responsibility, has as one of it’s key recommendation, the approval and Construction of a State of The Art World Class State House Clinic, to primarily cater For Health needs of The First Family and indeed The Executive, which comprise of the entire Cabinet.

    The project currently under construction when completed, in one fell swoop, will erase huge costs accrued over the years from medical bills, Estacodes and overseas Travelling Expenses, thereby saving Billions of Tax payers Funds to be put into other meaningful National projects.

    Now, going by the puerile postulations of the Pen man, his ignorance is belied in the assumption, The Senator hitherto has no connection with The Administration, whatsoever.

    This is ludicrous.

    Then how is the annual Constituency allocation accessed?

    To whom does Sen Laah lobby for the projects he has been able to execute from 2015 to date?
    If not from this same Administration?!

    I have consistently maintained that quality journalism is not this dubious fad of rushing to Press for cheap ‘breaking news’ but through diligent research and background check with corroboration backed by facts and figures.

    If had been adhered to, the Writer wouldn’t have ended up embarrassing himself.

    For your information, Events and State Responsibilities, like these, are where the trade craft of politics is carried out, of which The Distinguished Senator attends times without number; foras too numerous to mention are venues where political deals are made, and the very essence of political horse trading are done, packaged and delivered.

    For instance, the Distinguished Senator used the opportunity to impress upon the President on matters which bordered on lingering Insecurity issues, The Bills on The University in Manchok and Federal medical centre in Kafanchan, among others.

    Both bills await the assent of Mr. President.

    To appreciate the full import of Statesmanship, you must understand its not everyday, The presence of Mr. President is at close proximity,

    The Senator in deft moves, also impressed on the President about the need to reconstruct the Ungwan Rimi – Kwoi- Jere Federal High Way.

    Characteristically, in his quiet but purposeful mien, was able to draw a promise from Mr President on the need to build a helipad in Southern Kaduna to curb the incessant attacks in our Communities by bandits and terrorists by way of considerably shortening response period for additional troops.

    ‘The Palms do not and cannot cover the moon.’

    The quoted feat was attempted by the writer.

    Legislative Functions differ from Executive Duties.
    So to attempt, lay the Scope, contents and speed of State Government’s Projects and how it is to be determined according to the respective zones, at the feet of The Senator, is at best a comic relief.

    This means that from Dauda’s narrow prism, Sen Laah should have usurp the Constitutionally assured Duties and schedules of The Office of The Governor, entire State Executive Council and Its State of Assembly and bend them to his will.

    Kai Jema’a.

    In summary,
    This is the First State Working Visit of Mr President, ever, to Kaduna State.
    Therefore as a son of the soil and a Bonafide Nigerian, he owes no one any apology whatsoever to attend the State Banquet.

    SAMAILA DANBATURE A Public Analyst writes From Mafolokun, Lagos-Nigeria.


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