Sardaunan Badarawa Doles Out Cars To PDP, APC Chieftains


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Former Council Boss of Kaduna North, Hon. Usman Ibrahim, popularly known as Sardaunan Badarawa has distributed cars to party Chieftains of both People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) across Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone.

    The cars, distributed according to coordinator of Kaduna Central Progressive Minds Comrade Salisu Kanzagi who commended Sardaunan Badarawa disclosed that they were driven to locations of beneficiaries whom were handed keys of the automobiles ranging from Peugeot 406, Toyota Camry, Toyota Highlander, Golf among others.

    He mentioned party Chairmen of APC and PDP in Kaduna North, Secretary of Kaduna state PDP, APC chairman of Badarawa / Malali Ward, both party Stakeholders in Kaduna among others as beneficiaries of the car gifts.

    Kanzagi stated that the rationale for gifting the cars across party lines was to unite politicians and their followers to play politics without bitterness and segregation ahead 2023.

    He added that the cars would go a long way in easing logistics and operational needs of the beneficiaries in mobilizing people at the grassroots to participate in the forthcoming process of electing their representatives at state and federal levels.

    “Sardaunan Badarawa should be commended and seen as role model to our contemporary politicians who see politics as a tool of division, an avenue to polarise the masses and disunite their people.

    “Sardaunan Badarawa has shown that you can put aside party differences and work in unison with all stakeholders responsible for mobilizing, informing and educating the electorates to behave in acceptable manners devoid of rancour, animosity and hatred for opponents.

    “Such an individual and his exemplary ways should be a case study by politicians in their efforts to building a decent, progressive and morally upright society.

    ” Our political atmosphere will not be unnecessarily charged by activities of politicians who want to be elected by all means at the detriment of peace and harmony of the people they wish to represent.

    “I am not however, baffled by chivalrous ways of Sardaunan Badarawa, Santurakin who has exhibited high sense of philanthropist and quest to develop communities and environment he finds himself either in public and private capacity, ” he said.


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