Volleyball: Kaduna Association Announces 6 Committees


    By KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Poised in ensuring all round success in its activities, the Kaduna State Volleyball Association (KASAVA) has announced composition of six committees 
    This was contained in a statement signed by the Chairman Media and Publicity Committee, Okpani Jacob Onjewu Dickson, made available to newsmen on Wednesday January 26, 2022.
    It informed that the Chairman of KASAVA, Engineer Musa Nimrod presented the committee list to the board after its inauguration at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna.
    “The approved list was however, made available by the Secretary of KASAVA, Florence Yori on Tuesday night, January 26,” it said.
    They are, .Technical Committee with Prof Simon Daniel as chairman, while Maj. Julius Usman Gidanmanna is to serve as vice chairman.
    Members of the committee are Charity Filibus, Awo Sheba and Danjuma Dangana.
    The Organising Committee has as its Chairman, Prof. Mukhtari Mahmud, while vice chairman is Alh Sidi Ali.

    Charity Filibus, Polycarp Gajere and  Jacob Onjewu Dickson were announced members of the committee.

    For the Marketing Committee, Hon. Ekene Adams is to serve as Chairman.

    Prof. Mukhtari Mahmud is to serve as Vice Chairman of the  committee, while   Alh. Sidi Ali, Maj. Julius Usman and Okpani Jacob Onjewu Dickson are members.

    The all important Media & Publicity Committee  is headed by  Okpani Jacob Onjewu Dickson who is the chairman, while Hon. Ekene Adams was approved as Vice Chairman.
    Charity Filibus and Prof. Simon Daniel are members of the committee.
    Welfare Committee has Alh Sidi Ali as  Chairman, Charity Filibus as Vice Chairman and Prof. Mukhtari Mahmud, Hon. Ekene Adams.and Prof. Simon Daniel as members.
    The Ethics And Discipline Committee is headed by  Maj. Julius Usman Gidanmanna as Chairman,  Charity Filibus serves as his Vice, while Awo Sheba Jefferson,  Danjuma Dangana and Polycarp Gajere  are members of the very important committee.


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