2023: It’s Possible To Act, Choose Right, Attract Viable Programmes, Projects In Delta South.- Commodore Nesiama



    A candidate of Delta South Senatorial District under the platform of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), . Omatseye Nesiama. Commodore (RTD) has said that the people of Delta South need good legislating to attract viable programmes and projects in the interest of the electorate.

    Omatseye Nesiama. Commodore (RTD) said this when speaking with newsmen in Warri, Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State on Monday August 29, 2022.

    According to the Commodore of hope. Nesiama rtd. “Over time, we have been made to believe, have faith that…. It is possible….

    “Albeit wrongly, that many things are not possible; that we have inadequacies and so don’t need to bother ourselves to address them, and even if we try, there is no probability that we would succeed.

    “We don’t need to embrace the ‘no-hope mentality. We need to deliberately act and believe in persons with antecedents that encapsulates credibility and integrity and believe that, it is possible to Act & Decide Today to Choose Right Legislating to attract viable programmes and projects in the interest of the good people of Delta South Senatorial District.

    “Influencing appropriation of sizeable portion of constituency project funds for Hun Capital Development. Influencing legislation, re-legislation, and engagements around the PIA framework. Encouraging Non-Governmental Organisations with focus on entrepreneurship to enhance community, youth and women development.

    “Influencing, promoting and encouraging tourism, sports development and mass participation events for improved welfare, youths engagements and other attendant benefits. To change a bad or unfavourable system;

    “To fall back in love with politics that is humane, fruitful, productive and progressive; To have accountable representation and functional constituency engagements with feedbacks.

    “Encouraging business profiting from the locality to commit to Human Capital Development as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

    “Influencing and supporting legislation that would bring about enhanced dignity and reverence to our traditional institutions. Continuously seeking for additional inputs from key stakeholders to enrich our blueprint for legislation in the interest of our people.

    “The Work has Started… Let’s not relent until we get to the Promised Land of Unending Hope.

    “It is indeed a privilege to share my thoughts with you, on my mission to rekindle the hope of our people in the Delta South Senatorial District this will begin with the reorientation of our mind-set that is it is possible.

    “My manifesto as a Senator is geared at bringing this possibility to the fore. This would become the beginning of our positioning to truly enjoy the dividends of democracy.

    “Would key private sector operators to come invest in the area. The implication would be the deepening of our economic base by unlocking dead capital in rural areas. Of course, we shall fix our eyes on anything that would promote security in the Senatorial District. In this regard, would be coming as a bridge-builder to unite communities.

    “We will provide effective and efficient constituency offices to equitably cover the constituent demography. This would form become a forum for the people to be adequately briefed on developments affecting them as well as their voices heard.

    “There should be no limit to what we and our generation can achieve. It is our time to redirect the socio-economic agenda for ourselves and successive generations to come. Become God’s agent of change by joining us in the Hope Restoration Movement today. Let’s work towards these noble ideals by ensuring my Party and Candidature is voted in for renewed hope in the Delta South Senatorial District come 2023.

    “Our plan is to facilitate the building of a stronger Delta South by influencing the enlightenment of our great people bringing about a brighter socio-economic outlook. By so doing, we would have less conflicts emanating from mutual suspicion. The prevalence of which has continued to set us back and our detractors benefitting from it.

    “We pledge to engage with relevant authorities towards the building of 2023. more schools in strategic location with in the district and raise the quality of educations at levels with a greater emphasis on vocational training skills development to equip our youths with jobs in the future. National Leader, Through appropriate legislations, we

    “The Hope Restoration Movement (HRM)
    Yes, it is possible for the people to change a bad or unfavourable system. It is possible to… hope in the dynamic future of this Senatorial District, State and Nation. It is possible to touch lives (rebuilding. advancing, improving our collective destinies as a people and communities).”


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