We’re Not Protecting Killer Staff In Abia, He’s In Police Custody – FRSC


    *police confirms arrest of FRSC personnel who allegedly killed driver in Abia


    The Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Abia State, Mr Paul Ugwu haa denied shielding an officer who allegedly killed a driver at a checkpoint at Umuikaa junction, Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area.

    A yet-to-be-identified official of the FRSC had on August 16, 2022, allegedly stabbed a bus driver to death.

    Meanwhile, the Abia State Police Command Public Relations Officer (PPRO) SP Geoffrey Ogbonna corroborated the story of the FRSC Sector Commander when our correspondent contacted  him and confirmed that the officials are in police custody while investigations are ongoing.

    Many eyewitnesses said the driver refused to part with money which led to a confrontation with FRSC officials who stabbed him to death. 

    This medium reports that the situation caused tension in the area as youths stormed the FRSC office in the area and set it ablaze.

    There are reports that the FRSC sector commander has been shielding the killer officers.

    The sources also alleged a secret plot by the FRSC to transfer the killer officer out of Abia state without prosecution.

    According one of the concerned sources, “I personally do not know the man. I don’t need to know him before I fight and demand justice. However, it’s shocking that after a week and some days, even almost two weeks, the FRSC has not told the people who killed that man and the necessary punishment for the killer 9officer. 

    “If we keep quiet this will continue. We cannot continue to watch people killed recklessly on our highways. It’s not the first at the same Umuikaa. We beg you people to help get answers because this is not how life should be. 

    “We’re hearing now that they’ve concluded plans to transfer the suspects out of Abia. This has happened before with other security agencies. We don’t want this one to happen. I witnessed the act because my shop is close to the scene, it was barbaric.”

    When our correspondent contacted on the allegations, the Sector Commander FRSC, Abia State, Paul Ugwu denied the allegations, saying that all the FRSC officials that were on duty on the 16th of August 2022 at Umuikaa Junction were arrested by the police and are still with the police.

    “They have been with the police for one week now. And the Police is still carrying on with the investigation so I wouldn’t know where the person making the allegation is coming from,” Ugwu said.

    The Commander added that the Police have not submitted the report of their investigation and they have not told FRSC that they have finished the investigation.

    “So that allegation that nothing has happened about the case, I don’t think it is a correct information. The person who said that should have gone to the police to know whether those people have been arrested or they are in their houses.

    “That is a wild allegation but I thank you all the same for cross-checking with us so that we would be able to tell you the true position of things.”

    Ugwu stressed that as the State Commander, and to the best of my knowledge, the FRSC men that were on patrol on the day of the incident are still in detention. 

    He also insisted that the police are still carrying on with the investigation and until they come out with the report that is when Abia FRSC will forward it to the FRSC headquarters for further actions.

    Ugwu added that the FRSC is also doing its own investigation which has nothing to do with the one the police are doing, stressing that by the time the police finish and submit theirs, the FRSC would have been able to conclude and submit to their headquarters in Abuja.

    According to him, “We are carrying out our own investigation internally to enable us to know what happened which has nothing to do with what the police are doing.

    “And whatever action would need to be taken regarding the incident will be taken by our headquarters and not by my jurisdiction.

    “It is not in my power to decide who is who, mine is just to submit my own investigation and the one the police will avail us. The investigation reports would determine who did what and then the headquarters will decide the action to be taken.” 


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