Action Alliance To Be First Party In Ebonyi’s Ballot Paper – Chairman



    Ahead of 2023 general election, the Action Alliance Ebonyi state chairman has revealed why his political party would be the first in the ballot paper and revealed that the party is the only viable opposition party with a candidate that has no court case.

    In his interaction with our Correspondent, Nwogha Ndubuisi, the party scribe described the party’s governorship candidate as the most credible among the contestants with enviable track records, and added that the party is older than the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.

    May I know you Sir?

    I am Hon. Ukwu Godwin, Ebonyi state chairman Action Alliance, (AA), one of the opposition parties and most viable in the state.

    What’s the place of the party in Independent National Electoral Commission?

    The party, Action Alliance is the first political party in Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) ballot paper in Ebonyi state bearing in mind that Accord doesn’t have a candidate.
    Originally, the party appeared in the second place in the paper but going by what plays out in Accord who does not file a candidate, in Ebonyi state it’s going to be the first party logo in the ballot paper.

    In Ebonyi, the people are use to PDP, and now APC; What are your prospects and chances of taking over the state with unpopular party?

    Action Alliance (AA) is not new. The party was registered in the year 2005, as a matter of fact, it is older than many political parties including the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).
    Though, you could agree with me that here in the state before recently, Ebonyians are familiar with only one political parties which was Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which ruled the state for over sixteen years until when the incumbent Governor defected to the ruling party when they lost at the federal level but that did not mean that other political parties with wonderful and better ideologies are not in existence.
    It may interest you to know that it’s only change that’s permanent and for the fact that Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, recognized the political party is enough to score the acceptance that such party has all it takes to deliver on its mandate and on that change, AA is out to make difference with the team of our most credible candidates in the upcoming general election.

    Our chances of taking over Ebonyi state come 2023 is very very high in the sense that every Ebonyian knows plans and programmes of PDP because their past leaders have been tested and they failed the people. And, APC now in power has been and still being tested and they’re all failures.

    Action Alliance came up with credible governorship candidate and this was done through the masses assessment and acceptability.

    Also, looking at the power rotational system practicable in the state, our party believes in equity and in equity for the vigilant and not indulgent.

    Believing in equity, it will not happen without being vigilant which is why my party choose best candidate from the right place with quality candidate not like others who just picked their candidates to fulfill all righteousness.

    You talked about your party being the only opposition with no candidate rancour?

    Yes. Action Alliance with all the twenty four House of Assembly, six House of Representatives, The three Senatorial Candidates and a Governorship Candidate; is the only party currently in Ebonyi state working in communality to take over power with no case in court fighting for political position nor party leadership positions.

    What does this party has in table different from other political parties in Ebonyi state?

    First, the slogan of the party as ‘The Masses Party’ goes a long way to tell you that the Peoples’ general interest is our major priority.
    Our ideology is built on the true meaning of democracy as government of the people for the people. Our activities and programmes are masses based and that has uniquely defined us from other political parties who live by the dictates of political stakeholders alone without properly engaging the electorates or those who voted them into power.

    How has the party tried in addressing gender issue especially as concern accommodating the women?

    That’s a very nice question because that’s why our party choose a woman Deputy Governor who’s not just a woman but mother, she’s humble just like our Guber candidate.

    We are very careful because majority of the voters are the women and also have in our plan to give forty percent to the women.

    Supporters are afraid that the party may likely merge with other opposition parties to deliver a candidate from the North, what’s your assurance of standing with the candidates?

    Like I said earlier, equity is for the vigilant and that was what formed our choice of gubernatorial candidate.
    Our choice of Izhi man as a governorship position in Ebonyi state even on the ground of equity spurred us to produce the best candidate for the position and if there’s going to be any merger, it wouldn’t be a bad idea but the truth is that we are not going to queue behind those who we are better of because we a quality candidate to offer good governance to Ebonyi state. Yes, Our door is open, if anybody thinks he understands our packages, ideology, plans and programmes and wants to be supportive of what we are doing, no problem but never for us to queue behind those we are better of. And finally,I wish to tell Ebonyians to join us to deliver Engr Chukwuma Nwandugo because he’s a man who is accessible, humble, and experienced in governance and am assuring them that they will not regret their support for him because our candidate is anointed and coming through the vision to recover the lost glory of the state.

    Will you say that you have confidence on INEC seeing some happenstances with the electoral body recently that election will be transparent?

    INEC has been doing very well especially since the introduction of the electoral act(as amended) and I will say,I have confidence in them. Ordinarily, what’s happening in Nigeria is not funny and I know they will allow the electorate who will bring security in the land because they’re also affected being that they are not living on the sky. So, they are also part of the country and I know they will do their job professionally by allowing masses choice candidates to scale through in the upcoming general election.


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