Nigeria Losses 13,071 Doctors To UK In 4 Years


    By; KATO P LADAN, Kaduna

    A professor of Medicine and Pulmonology, Prof. Abullah Abba, has said that no fewer than 13,071 medical doctors have migrated to the United Kingdom between 2018 and now.

    Abba made this claim in Kaduna on Monday, during a virtual conference as part of activities to mark the 2022 Physician week organised by the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA).

    In a paper entitled “Mitigating the impact of brain drain on human capital in health care sector, he said six out of 10 intend to leave the country or have already left.

    He said out of the 13,071, 852 doctors who migrated in 2018, that 1,347 left in 2019, 833in 2020, 932 in 2021 and 1,107 in 2022.

    “We cannot control the pull factors but what do the numbers say about the increasing push factors. Corruption and nepotism, poverty and lack of economic growth are possible factors for brain drain.

    “Institutions that experience high rates of corruption, unfair advantage and discrimination yield high rate of brain drain.

    “Job security, rising inflation and instability of economic forces high skilled workers to identify other opportunities abroad, also, poor wages, poor health care facilities, worker burn out, are also pull factors for migration.

    “Majority of countries outside offers exceptionally high wages to doctors relative to other occupations. Financial security provides improved quality of life, better work environments, more technological advancement and a competitive work environment.’’

    According to Abba, medical school reformation, continuous education and professional organisation are methods to mitigate migration of medical doctors.

    He said improved administrative organisation, adapting to the curriculum and supplying of medical equipment/technology for instruction, eliminating the quota system are necessary,

    “Provision of scholarship to students, supporting training abroad opportunities and improving accommodation for students will encourage people.

    “Government investment and management of the health care facilities should provide a meaningful and conducive work environment that will promote a better quality of work life among the medical workforce.

    “Checks and balances that hold both government and health care administration accountable for their actions and implementation sustainable change in the health sector and a committed government that listens to the concerns of all Nigerians to better understand their needs.

    Abba also said salary, subsidy and other benefits can help in the migration.


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