Sanga APC In The Eyes Of The Storm



    For close watchers of political development in Sanga, especially ahead of the 2023 general elections, there is the need for serious concerns considering the internal wrangling bedeviling the ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC).

    It calls for concerns because as the political tradition demands, all relevant stakeholders and party supporters alike, are expected to bury their differences and close ranks with a view to working proactively towards the victory of the ruling party at the polls.

    Alas, this is lacking in Sanga APC, in view of the recent and ongoing political onslaught being orchestrated by the different splinter groups working for the interest of individuals and not the party.

    The recent court case instituted by one of the aspirants that contested the 2021 party primary election against the flag bearer (candidate) for the Jema’a/Sanga Federal Constituency may not be unconnected with this ugly trend of party acrimony and and lack of internal democracy which if not tackled headlong, may cost the ruling party victory at the polls.

    The lack of respect for party leaders, high handedness and the crass display of arrogance due to connectivity to certain authority is another factor that needs to be checked and addressed for the overall growth and development of the APC in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

    It’s not only a wise saying, but a gain saying, that a united cobweb is capable of tying down a lion, hence it has become imperative for all lovers of APC and its victory at the polls, to immediately put in motion machinery towards mending fences as well as cementing same in the interest of peace and the party’s development.

    As disturbing as it looks, the recent resignation of the APC legal adviser in Sanga and subsequent decamping to the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a serious blow that spells the fact that all is not well in the Sanga APC.

    Funny but serious as it were, the Sanga APC legal adviser was alleged to have resigned due to a perfected plan to disgrace him through expulsion, due to his perceived belief and recourse to due diligence that characterized the pending court case instituted against the party’s flag bearer for the House of Representatives, whom is believed to be at logger heads with one of the major and critical stakeholders of the party in Sanga, Kaduna State and indeed Nigeria, Her Excellency, Charity Umbwe Shekari, to whom he owed loyalty.

    Hon Charity Umbwe Shekari is on record, one of the founding members of the APC, who has also succeeded over the years in galvanizing the party’s machinery towards the electoral victory of the party at all levels.

    Thus, the purported calculated moves to ridicule her personality due to certain vested interests is baffling and unbecoming to a leader of her capacity and pedigree.

    As a follower and a staunch believer in due process mechanism and party supremacy and loyalty, the grassroots coordinator and mobilizer reported the anti party activities of the party’s flag bearer during the 2021 local government councils election and he was subsequently suspended.

    The punitive measure was tactically meted on the party’s flag bearer to compel him to live up to the expectations of the APC agenda and to also serve as a deterrent to the then new entrants of the party like him, alas a development that turned ugly with the flag bearer refusing to apologize to the party ward leadership, due to his connection to personalities in position of authority and today, the music is being played aloud to the chagrin and amazement of political watchers and pundits who are conversant with his boastfulness and disrespect to party elders and leaders.

    Meanwhile, now is the time to effect the corrections and address the issues in the interest of the APC for electoral victory at all levels come 2023. This is because Her Excellency, Charity Umbwe Shekari is a strong and dependable pillar of the APC in Sanga and indeed Kaduna State, hence the need for those conspiring against her to have a rethink with a view to replanning as already she is an integral part of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Uba Sani ambassadors, working day and night towards their electoral victory in the 2023 general elections.

    In the final analysis, there is the need for a synergy of purpose on the campaign structures of the various APC candidates ranging from the House of Representatives, governorship and presidential, to guarantee the victory of the ruling party during the forth coming national elections.

    In the meantime, Her Excellency, Charity Umbwe Shekari is a defined, refined and bonafide member of the APC in Ninzo West Ward of Sanga Local Government Area and has declared openly that she has no intention of leaving the ruling APC, contrary to the defamatory statements and actions being meted on her and her supporters, home and away.


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