NCPC Boss: Civil Rights Action Against Corruption Expels Leader Over Campaign Of Calumny


    By; KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Embattled leader of the Civil Rights Action Against Corruption (CRAAC), Comrade John Olukayode has been “sacked and expelled” from the organization by the new leadership of the civil rights body for what it described as an abuse of office and privilege.

    The sacking and expulsion is coming on the heals of an alleged “campaign of calumny”, its new leadership said, was a deliberate attempt not only to drag to the mud, the image and reputation of Rev. Yakubu Pam, Executive Secretary, Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), penultimate week, but was an affront to smear the image of the rights group before the eyes of the general public.

    Apparently disturbed by the decision of the ex leader, the new National Coordinator, Comrade Paul Katuka announced the sanction on Saturday November 5, 2022 at a press conference at Nugget Hotel, Utako, Abuja.

    Katuka, flanked on both sides by other national working committee of the rights body distant and disassociated the body from the ranting of its former leader, John Olukayode for his disgruntled behaviour and unsubstantiated outburst against Rev Yakubu Pam.

    He said, “we are here to disassociate ourselves from the recent manifestation of what has clearly become an act of campaign of calumny and blackmail against Rev Yakubu Pam, the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission by one of us.

    “The unsubstantiated outburst made against the man of God by the coordinator of our group is unbecoming of a person of his standing.

    “Our reference here is the recent misleading story published in the Vanguard Newspapers, titled, “Same faith ticket: Anti graft body asks Pam to resign as Christian Pilgrims’ boss”.

    “What a misleading statement from a supposedly leader of a civil society group and one that is ideally, a straight forward person!

    “We the bonafide members of the Civil Rights Action Against Corruption wish to commend and identify with well meaning groups and patriotic individuals that have been condemning the puerile, odious, infantile, wicked, treacherous and devil inspired campaign of calumny and distraction against Rev Pam embarked by our Coordinator.

    “We are particularly excited by the position of the larger majority of our members and leaders which, after our special meeting today Saturday, November 5, 2022 concluded that the statement credited to our Coordinator is not only lacking in evidence but also an outlandish falsehood that cannot be substantiated and devoid of all truth.

    “It is noteworthy that the coordinator was invited to the meeting and was given ample opportunity to defend or substantiate his wild allegation and misplaced aggression against Rev Pam but he shamefully failed to show up!

    “It is pertinent to note that the meeting resolved to hereby, tender unreserved apology to Rev Pam for the campaign of calumny and distraction by the coordinator of our group”.

    Noting, “in the same vein, following our findings that the statement of our Coordinator was abnitio, the product of the figment of a dimmed imagination. Comrade John Olukayode is hereby sacked and permanently expelled from the organization. Also Comrade Paul Katuka is hereby elected as Acting Coordinator of the group henceforth”!

    The statement went further, “it tells much of the gravity of our former coordinator’s gaffe that, not only we the rank and cadres of the organization are condemning him but also that the larger members of the Nigerian society across the religious and regional divides.

    “This brings us to the task of analyzing the motive of our former coordinator’s reckless statement against Rev Pam.

    “To us in CRAAC, there is no other meaning to the infamous statement beside it being a clear sponsored campaign of calumny, blackmail and distraction against Rev Pam.

    “It was patently intended to de-market the remarkable progress the Commission has achieved under his leadership and set in motion the process of destroying the fabrics of his reformative agenda. In the least, destructive action in such a circumstance, leading to the uprooting of his tender and budding flowers of progress in the Commission.

    “Our final take on the infamous and unfortunate statement credited to him is that, he should have known better and we believe that he was well aware of the full import and implications of the contents of his allegation.

    “He also cannot be over looked for tarnishing the image of a selfless public servant, at over fourty years (of public service) he is not an infant whose actions of blackmail and mischief may be excused as the boisterous antics of a cantankerous adolescence”, Katuka ended.


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