PVC Collection: Ebonyi LP Reps Candidate Gives Supporters Hope, Says Opposition Party Ignorant Of BVAs



    The Labour Party, (LP) candidate in the upcoming general election representing Izzi/Abakaliki Federal Constituency, Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh has accused the opposition party of collecting Permanent Voters Card in pretense of empowering the people to be acting on ignorance of the new electronic voting (BVAs).

    Eze made the clarification while fielding questions from journalists in an event of Public Lecture panel/ discussion on violence free election organized by Izhi Tehu Foundation in Abakaliki.

    He explained that opposition parties in Ebonyi are worried over the development where the ruling party in the state is allegedly induced voters and obtain their PVCs special number and NIN with the promising of paying the people ten thousand naira (10,000) every month.

    Recall that the opposition parties recently raised alarm of some political party agents deployed by the ruling party in the state to induce voters with the promise of empowering them while dispose them of their National Identification Number (NIN) and PVCs.

    The House of Reps candidate while condemning the act, told supporters not to be intimidated with the antics as the new electronic voting (BVAs) would be a shock to the big parties whose only strength in the previous electioneering years is rigging election.

    According to him, “We’re all worried over the development. The so called big parties are afraid and they’re doing what they know best which is plan for election rigging but I want to assure everybody, that change is here and the change has started.

    “The natural law of change is that when it happens, it’s unstoppable. The people going about collecting PVCs are acting on ignorant because the BVAs you are looking for is a novel application which many of it have never be tried. I can assure you that when we talk about biometrics, that PVC is almost dead, the real thing that is important is your biometric and when we talk about that, it’s digital.

    He added, “But inorder not to take anything for granted, I have gone to court for INEC to make a pronouncement that with or without PVC a Nigerian whose name is on the INEC list should be allowed to vote, though, I will not like to pre-empty what the court will say but I am convinced that concern Nigerians will be given the due right by ensuring that no eligible voter is denied of casting his or her vote.

    “Again, we’re interrogating the system, we are concerned about bringing people with capacity, competent, commitment and capability which is what we are doing and why we are coming to power.

    “We are pushing the system for a positive change, all we are saying is that the system must work for the people. we’re engaging the system on the side of social justice.

    Continuing, Eze said, “Let no one be afraid; whatever they do, change has come. Then, I have one or two words of advise for those selling their birthright, no matter how much they are giving you,divide it by four years and the result is what they take your worth; this is a year of OBIdient and we OBIdient don’t collect shishi because we are working for ourselves.

    “If they come to you, tell them you are OBIdient and we do not sell our votes.”


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