How LILONG Saved My Life From 5-yr Battle


    I decided to go on a career break from the Republic of Ireland to Nigeria because of my love and passion for my motherland and in pursuit to reduce medical tourism abroad as a result of the Chinese “Live young, live long” products called LILONG that saved my life from a 5year battle with bloated legs, face and assumed heart failure.

    Series of test and medications were conducted but all to no avail until I was Introduced to the Lilong energy room which I applied 4times and in less than 3weeks I began to recover my health and the swelling disappeared completely

    Lilong products is designed to detoxify your body, improve blood circulation and boost your immunity which in turn cure full and partial stroke, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, HBP, cancer stage 1&2, serious joint and body pain

    20minutes of energy room experience will avail you the equivalent of 2hrs Yoga, 10Kilometres of juggling, 36million of your cell movements, 50 Lymph nose detoxcification, 300chest aerobic exercise and maximum massage

    Few amidst those who purchased and experience the facility at our recommendation include: Frm. President Olusegun Obasanjo, Ooni of Ife, Emire of Kano, H.E. Rotimi Akeredolu, Executive governor of Ondo state, Sen. Rochas Okorocha and family, King of Ikorodu, Lagos State amongst others.

    A trial will convince you
    For more info call: 08180048140, 08163209490 or visit No. 85 Ebute igbogbo road, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria

    Don’t let that sickness take your life, call in now.

    *Adeola Aderinwale*
    Queen of Lilong


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