2023: Promise Only What You Can Deliver, PERL Tells Politicians


    By; KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) has urged politicians seeking government offices in 2023 to ensure they only come up with manifestos they can be able to implement if elected into office in 2023.

    A member of the Partnership for Issue Base Campaign in Nigeria (PICAN), Yusuf Goje made the call during a One-day reflection on engagement with party candidates, held in Kaduna on Wednesday November 23, 2022, said some of the politicians vying for public offices do not know what they may likely face and as such, it is advisable that they understand the situation.

    Goje who lamented the failure of past promises by political actors, stressed that most of the manifestos and agendas presented to people during campaign are written by hired professionals, adding that most politicians do not go through them and ensure those promises are implementable or not before voicing it to the populace.

    He said there is need for them to sit down and critically analysed the situations confronting the common man and answer the question affirmatively on whether they have the money to carry out all the activities or not before giving their consent.

    “Most of them do not know what is contained in their proposal. There is need to tell us where you will get the money to do all you have said. How realistic are these promises, are they implementable or not. This and many more must be put into proper check so that they do not tell the people what they cannot be able to do when they get into office.

    “Leadership is beyond just to capture power. It is not enough to just admire anyone to become the next Governor of Kaduna state. Where are they going to get the money to service the debts. Do they understand the situation and challenges of becoming the governor, are they aware that whoever becomes the governor eventually will inherit everything whether good or bad, It is beyond to capture power.

    “Development must touch the common man. Building hospitals, school, roads and other infrastructure is very good. But the question is: what is the impact on the livelihoods of the common man. How does building hospitals for instance reduce mortality rate, these and many more Must be put to check.

    He further noted that the program is very important, while adding that the general elections is around the corner and so politicians must be very careful with their promises because PEARL will hold them accountable to the people peradventure they faip to deliver.

    Goje said they have been able to develop a software where everything they said will be documented for future references.

    “You know election activities have commenced as regards to the 2023 general election and as civil society, we have met and come up with certain agendas in key sectors like health, education, social development and local government to use it as a basis to engage and dialogue with candidates, get them to make commitment base on those agendas and if possible, sign social contracts which we hope to use to measure their performance and hold them accountable after the election, that is; for those who win the election.

    “And one of the things also like i have said is that we have also deployed some technology where we have a website, to ensure that we are able to capture almost everything each candidate is saying and be able to put up their manifestos, analyse their manifestos, put the reviews online and we want to have all of those things properly documented so that by the time they come after election and we engage them with these issues, even if they deny it, we will come up with evidence of when they said it, where they said it and even see themselves making those comments and all of that and it will also help us to ensure that all of the candidates have plans that are implementable,” he added.


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