Divine Providence Has Made Nigerians Realize PDP’s Importance – Kaduna Dep Gov Candidate


    *says APC lacks philosophy

    *assures of better governance under PDP

    By; KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Nigerians and Kaduna State citizens through divine purpose, have within the past almost eight years, understood that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is a better option than the All Progressives Congress (APC), which lacks philosophy.

    Dr. John Marcus Ayuba, running mate of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Kaduna gubernatorial candidate, Rt. Honourable Isah Ashiru Kudan expressed this yesterday, while featuring on “Meet Your Candidate Series” on Ground Zero, aired live on Procyon Radio/TV and Invicta FM.

    “The people of Nigeria and Kaduna have well understood it now. It was divine that they tasted the other group,” he said .

    According to him, those that left the PDP then for APC are begining to come back to the party based on their realization of the facts.

    “They left because they went to a party that has no philosophy. It has registered on the minds of Nigerians and as such, the PDP will continue to be relevant,” he stressed.

    According to him, PDP is out to rescue the people of Kaduna State.

    “We have gone round the state and interacted. First of all, the state has to be rescued from insecurity. There is a desire to rescue the state from insecurity.

    “We want to rescue the state from hunger. We found out that people are facing abject poverty. Go to the rural areas, they can’t go to the farms, if they farm, they can’t harvest. In some of the areas, they have to pay tax to the bandits before they farm,” he said.

    He explained that, “before APC came in, there was minimal unemployment. We have to rescue this state from arbitrariness. If you want to sack me, you must give due notice. Before terminating a workers contract, there must be a notice. We’ve had situations when people are sacked and not paid. What could be more inhumane than that?” He queried.

    Dr. Ayuba who was a commissioner under the administration of late Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, said that the present government has created so many ungoverned spaces, leading to insecurity.

    *Before traditional rulers were sacked, they provided key information to law enforcement agencies after their sack, it left ungoverned spaces.

    “The bandits haven discovered the vacuum, took advantage of it and are asking people to pay taxes,” he said.

    On education, he said that, “by 2014, we were number one in the North, in Nigeria we were between number six and seven. They have bastardized educaton. Now, Sokoto is ahead of us, Kogi and Benue are ahead of us. You came, you found teachers, you said they were not qualified and you sack them, those employed after them, you still sack. Their is job insecurity. Those you employed, you sack again!” He submitted.

    Explaining, he said that the PDP in 2011, had an exercise and brought out inadequacies of teachers.

    “Those who brought fake certificates, we asked them to go. Can you ever find a worker or teacher who is 100 per cent? No one is 100 per cent, so there are so many things we need to rescue the state from,” he declared.


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