Customs FOU Zone B Comptroller Hamisu Promoted To Ag ACG, Hands Over To Jalo


    By; KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna

    Comptroller Nigerian Customs Service Federal Operations Unit (FOU), Zone B Kaduna, has been promoted to Acting Assistant Comptroller of Customs (ACG) A.B. Hamisu and deployed as Commandant Customs Command and Staff College, Gwagwalada.

    Following the promotion, he has handed over FOU Zone B to Comptroller Musa Ibrahim Jalo at a ceremony held at the zonal headquarters in Kaduna on Friday January 27, 2023.

    In his valedictory remarks, ACG Hamisu charged officers and men of the FOU to extend same cooperation he enjoyed to his successor.

    “I am leaving a beautiful family which we have been with for two years.

    “Everyday I spend at least eight hours intermingling with my coworkers here,” he said.

    ACG Hamisu said that during his tenure at the helms of affairs at the FOU, he received best attention from officers and men, which helped in successes recorded.

    He reminded all that the ceremony that nothing in life is permanent.

    “Whoever remembers this day will come as a person, will remember that there is no need for squabbles, because this day will come when you will leave, because all of us will leave one by one.

    “When I came here, I thought I won’t stay here for up to six months, but here I am for two years,” he said.

    He advised them to stop comparing leaders, because every human has inherent weaknesses and strenght.

    “What is important is to look at the larger picture of what you want to achieve. Don’t compare me with Jalo and don’t compare Jalo with me. Understand Jalo and help him achieve what he wants to achieve and support him,” he said.

    He recalled his first posting, “For over 30 years I served in Kamba Kebbi State, up till now I am still relating with them. I believe we will still be relating same way.

    “I am very strategic somewhere now, because I can help some of you. I want us to work as a family,” he added.

    He commended staff he worked with, urging them to reciprocate same to his successor.

    “If you feel in course of this work, I took action that you were not pleased with, please forgive me, it is meant to make you better officers.

    “The patrol guys I have tried my best to see that your conduct follows what is expected of you.
    You must use your senses in doing your work,” he advised.

    He further advised them to be civil while on duty, reminding them to be patriotic and truthful at all times.

    “When on stop and search, be polite to the vehicle owners,” he added.

    He advised serving officers to always respect those that have retired, because it is a cycle, reminding that all of them will also retire someday.

    In his speech, new Comptroller FOU Zone B, Jalo promised to maintain legacy of his predecessor.

    “I have worked here from when I has 2 star to Comptroller as such I am home and I believe we will work hard in doing our duty as a team,” he said.

    In  the vote of thanks, AC Admin, DC M.D. Yakubu on behalf of officers and men, thanked the outgoing Comptroller for being a father to all of them.

    He wished him all the best in his new office.

    “This will be a new beginning. We are assuring the new Comptroller of our loyalty,” he said.


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