APC Has Run Out Of Options In Borno – Kudla 

    *Says voters waiting to vote PDP
    By; KATO P. LADAN, Kaduna
    The Borno South Senatorial Candidate under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Hon Satumari Haske Kudla has said that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state has run out of options stating that it is laughable to say their party is dead in the state.
    Speaking to journalists in Abuja, Kudla said with the improvement in the electoral process, room for electoral manipulation have been blocked adding that his party will take over Borno State by next month.
    Kudla who was responding to statements by the APC in Borno State that the PDP is dead, insisting that the ruling party has lost out of options on how to campaign.
    “It is laughable to say PDP is dead in Borno State,” Kudla said adding that, “You can see, and you can hear about the paradigm that is shifting.
    “If you go to Borno State today, you will hear water vendors, Newspaper sellers talking about the need for a change.
    “Nothing will make them vote for APC again. They are saying it with conviction and from the bottom of their hearts. If the turn out at campaign rallies anything to go by, it also speaks volume.
    “Just like someone will say if you dance somewhere, they spread money. If another person dances in the same place, they stone him. That’s exactly what is happening in Borno State.
    “If you go to PDP rallies, a lot of people turn out peacefully. You can see the passion and the enthusiasm in them and how they intend to vote for the PDP.
    “We have seen scanty gatherings of the APC whenever they go out for rallies, even in Gwoza. You watch on social media how they are booed. Anywhere you see PDP gathering, you see the crowd gather organically,” Kudla said while expressing hope that PDP will win in Borno State.
    “So, for anyone to say that PDP in Borno State is dead, that person needs to be sincere to himself. If you look at Southern Borno, APC is dead. Southern Borno has a large chunk of the vote in Borno State. If it is overtaken by the PDP, then it is ironical for someone to say PDP is death in Borno.
    “For APC members to be pelted or stoned at campaign rallies, it means that things have gone wrong for them. It is also a clear indication that PDP is going to win in all those areas where the APC members are pelted with stones or sachet water and the rest.
    “It is no longer voting for the PDP. They are now decamping from the APC to the PDP in large numbers. That is what we have been experiencing in Borno. And that is one of the things that give us the certainty that the outcome of this election will be positive for the PDP.
    “And with the improvement in the electoral process and the BIVAS, it is already sending messages that the 2023 general elections will be different.
    “The quality of the candidates that we have in the PDP speaks volume. Some people have overstayed their welcome and people want true change now. The pelting and stoning is an indication that PDP is getting more traction and momentum in places where these things are happening.
    “I can assure you that the outcome of the coming election will be completely different from what it used to be. The voter turnout will be more, manipulation of votes will not be there. The voters are eagerly waiting to cast their votes and changing the present crop of politicians in the APC and PDP is seriously making a lot of impact to win a lot of seats and take over the state completely,” Kudla added.


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