UN-SDG Introduces, Induct Nesiama As “Global Advocate”



    The United Nations Innovator on Sustainable Development Goals, UN-SDG today introduced and inducted Commodore Omatseye Nesiama Rtd as a Global SDG Advocate.

    The UN -SDG Introduced Commodore Nesiama on Thursday in Asaba, Delta State by United Nations representative, “Dr. Amos Obi, Principal Innovator, Hateved Skills Academy.

    Dr. Obi said the United Nations was looking for Commodore Nesiama.”They need people like you.

    “The UN is looking for Actors, Social Change makers, Innovators, individuals and groups for partnership.”

    Dr. Obi said Commodore Nesiama should make the award given to him impactful and beneficial without discrimination in the South-South Region of Nigeria.

    He also said a faculty for the advancement of SDG had been approved for Commodore Nesiama to train young people with a view to give them means of livelihood.

    Dr. Obi said the youths who are into “internet fraudster” otherwise known as “Yahoo-Yahoo” are abusing the system or opportunity given to them do digital works.

    Dr. Obi explained that most of the youths are involved in internet fraudster because they do not know the power they possess.

    While pointing out that he encountered Commodore Nesiama during his political sojourn in the Delta South Senatorial District with Hope Restoration Movement, Dr. Obi said,”You’re not a normal politician but the abnormal Politician.

    Dr. Obi noted that,It’s God that gives opportunity be leaders just as he congratulate Commodore Nesiama for his political outing in the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections in the State.

    “You fought well. Your efforts will yield higher dividends.”

    Contrary to the beliefs that there are three tiers of government, Dr. Obi opined that the best government is “Self Government.” You must take possession of yourself if the Federal, State and Local Governments cannot take care of you.

    Dr. Obi said Commodore Nesiama should go to the “Global level” saying, that’s where he is needed the most to contribute his quota.

    He also the global level is a platform opened by the UN for universal participation for all to come in. “In that platform, you will be able to affect more people better than the Senate globally.

    In his acceptance speech,the Delta South Senatorial Candidate of the New Nigerian People’s Party, NNPP, Commodore Omatseye Nesiama thanked the UN-SDG for finding him worthy of the position conferred on him.

    He promised to promote the ideals of the Innovators, partnering him as well as extending the Campus of the Academy to Warri to operate.

    “We are not doing his because of politics. We are doing it because we love to do it “.

    Commodore Nesiama also said they are immediately set to take over the territory in terms of sustainability and not just mere politics.

    He added that they will concentrate on their plans of producing UN Ambassadors all over the world.

    Our Correspondent who was on ground reports that, Commodore Nesiama was presented with an “Advanced Professional Diploma in Sustainable Development, SDGs Volunteerism/Skills Preneurship” Certificate of Completion.

    Commodore Nesiama is the Chief Executive Officer of the Top Private Security Limited as well as Top Private Academy in Warri, Delta State.


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